Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

Fun and easy Christmas crafts for kids that will help you turn tiny pinecones into mini Christmas trees! These can be placed on tables, or desks - give one to your mom or teacher for their desk!

Pinecones can be found all over the ground in the late fall.

Be sure to grab a bunch because there are many crafts we can make with them - big and small!

This tiny Christmas tree is very portable so you can have Christmas with you all the time.

Though we are not sure if it works for Santa - just a decoration!

Pinecone Christmas Tree

It's bite-size but still very pretty. Let's get to work transforming a pinecone into a Christmas tree!

Craft Supplies:

  • Pinecone
  • Green and White paint
  • Paint brush
  • Glitter glue or paint
  • Regular glue
  • Pipecleaners

Step #1:

Paint your entire pinecone with the green paint.

Allow it to dry. While it dries you can start to decorate the real Christmas tree, or start your letter to Santa.

Step #2:

Once the green paint has dried, apply white paint to the tip of each leaf of the pinecone.

This gives a look of snow on the ends of the branches.

Again, let it dry. While it is doing that why not make some of our pipecleaner Christmas ornaments.

Step #3:

With a pipe cleaner (which ever color you prefer) create a star shape for the top of your tree.

Step #4:

Once your white paint has dried, place the star on the top of your tree.

Twist the pipecleaner around a top branch to secure it in place.

Step #5:

Using the glitter, create little balls all over the branches.

Allow this to dry.

Now, with these pinecone craft instructions you have yourself a portable mini Christmas tree. 

You will have Christmas with you all the time! 

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We will be sure to create some more pine cone crafts and easy Christmas crafts for kids!

Happy Crafting!

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