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Owl from Toilet Paper Roll -Cutest Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Owl

If you love animal crafts you will adore my owl from toilet paper roll! This is a great craft for kids anytime of the year! My Owl toilet paper roll craft is suitable for 3 year olds and upwards!

toilet paper roll owl craft


Toilet Roll Owls

Owls are very wise animals indeed. My little girl is currently reading ‘The Owl Babies’ storybook at school and is very interested in this bird.

We also went to a Falconry and seen lots of different types of Owl. We were all impressed by their size especially their wingspan as they flew threw the air. 

Now all my kids talk about are birds especially owls! I absolutely love this toilet paper roll craft as it is super simple using the step by step instructions and 3 printable templates found at the bottom of this post. 

I have used yellow and purple colored craft papers for this craft but you can use any color you wish. You could make red or white owls with hearts for Valentine’s Day! My easy owl craft ideas provides lots more ideas!

Please check out my list of over 35 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts. You can see how to make a toilet roll owl below. 

Toilet Paper Roll Owls Instructions

toilet paper roll owl craft

Owl from Toilet Paper Roll

Learn how to make an owl from toilet paper roll! Easy animal craft for kids.


  • 1. Regular sized toilet paper roll.
  • 2. Scissors.
  • 3. Colorful Craft Papers.
  • 4. Paper Glue
  • 5. Ruler.
  • 6. Pencil.
  • 7. Marker


Step 1

Wrap the toilet paper roll with a colored craft paper of your choice (I have used yellow and purple here from the colorful templates)

Step 2

Now take the toilet paper roll and press down the top middle part.

Step 3

Now cut out the wings for the owl using the templates and craft paper of your selected color.

Step 4

Vertically fold the even sides of the wings by 1 centimeter.

Step 5:

Glue the wings on the both sides of the toilet paper roll.

Step 6:

Now take the triangular pieces to add a little detail to the owl’s body and glue them on the bottom half of the paper roll.

Step 7:

Cut out two circular shapes for owl’s eyes.

Step 8:

Use a black marker to draw the eyes. Or you can directly print them our using the templates.

Step 9:

Finish off your owl from toilet paper roll by gluing the eyes and the
beak to the owl faces

How cute are my yellow and purple owl toilet paper roll crafts?! You can make these in all the colors of the rainbow if you wish!

They would be great for a play pretend, story telling and even to decorate a room for a Birthday party! 

If you enjoyed this animal toilet paper roll craft I know you will love making my paper plate animals and my pig crafts for kids

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Owl Templates

Before you go please print your 3 free templates for wings, body and body parts:-

Toilet Paper Roll Owl Wings

Paper Roll Owl Face

Toilet Paper Roll Owl Body

Will you make an Owl from Toilet Paper Roll?

Owl from Toilet Paper Roll

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