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How to Make Paper Plate Animals

Paper plate animal crafts for kids are huge fun! Here you can find lots of free printable tutorials telling you how to make paper plate animals.

You can use them as puppets for pretend play! Watch your kids look amazed as they transform a white plate into something great!!

animals made from paper plates

I have always loved animal crafts for kids and you can see that on my site as I have lots of these from my Pom Pom Monkey to my Bear Pencil Topper!

Paper plate crafts really stimulate a child’s imagination and creativity! This is also very educational as it teaches them the names of different animals as well as colors and shapes! 

The use of scissors is great for fine motor skills also. 

They are great for home schooling and can easily fit into a theme week. 

Even better is the fact that most of them require basic craft materials such as coloring pencils, scissors, pipe cleaners, pom poms, googly eyes and glue. I am pretty sure my list of must have craft supplies will tell you everything you need for almost all the crafts on my site. 

I have 15 crafty gals and guys come together and give their best paper plate animals and am able to showcase them to you below! 

There are some easy paper plate zoo animal crafts as well as plates with animals on them. Some of these cover are animal shaped paper plates whereas others make a pretty picture. 

Paper plate animal crafts templates are free to print and make these ideas so simple. Young kids can do them. I always say these animal crafts for ks1 and above. 

I have had some queries as to what animals can I make with paper plates of a particular color. I guess I always go for white as my kids love to color them with crayons or paint them.

Maybe if you are short of time you might want to speed things up by using a particular color of plate. I will give one example below. 

What animals can I make with green paper plates

Think of all the animals that are green such as frogs and dinosaurs. I have two animal paper plates already made using these colors. 

20+ Paper Plate Animal Crafts For Kids

Make your favorite animal from a paper plate! These paper plate animal crafts for kids are easier than they look!

You might also like some of my other easy animal crafts for kids:-

I have some animal paper crafts as well as crafts with other materials, so grab your colored craft papers, pipe cleaners and toilet paper rolls and get crafting! 

How about some dolphin craft with paper or my yarn octopus

You can always tell a story with one of my animal hand puppets, made from paper bags

If you are a loose end with tons of toilet paper rolls then you really need to make a toilet paper roll bee

Please pin this page and revisit as I plan to add lots more new animals to make from paper plates! But for now which is your favorite so far? Comment below and let me know!

Have you had time to make all these Easy Paper Plate Animals Crafts for Kids?

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