15+ Paper Plate Animal Crafts For Kids

Paper plate animal crafts for kids are huge fun! You can use them as puppets for pretend play! Watch your kids look amazed as they transform a white plate into something great!!

animals made from paper plates

I have always loved animal crafts for kids and you can see that on my site as I have lots of these from my Pom Pom Monkey to my Bear Pencil Topper!

Paper plate crafts really stimulate a child’s imagination and creativity! This is also very educational as it teaches them the names of different animals as well as colors! 

I have 15 crafty gals and guys come together and give their best animal paper plate craft ideas and am able to showcase them to you below! 

15+ Paper Plate Animal Crafts For Kids

Make your favorite animal from a paper plate! These paper plate anaimal crafts for kids are easier than they look!

How brilliant does this smiley frog paper plate craft look?! I loved making him with my 3 and 4 year old! We actually used him as a puppet for story telling!

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If you want an easy animal craft for preschool this is it! It This paper plate goldfish looks the part and takes far less looking after than the real thing!

It only requires a few materials and is relatively quick to carry out.

I like it because it lets little kids use safety scissors and teaches them shapes!

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This easy Butterfly paper plate craft for kids is aimed at school age children of 5 years and above. Of course younger kids can do this too with lots of help from a parent. He looks as if he is about to fly away on us!!

Super simple and requires paper plate, google eyes, pom pom and a pipe cleaner.

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This paper plate animal craft features Mummy and Baby Koala in the jungle!

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How cute are these paper plate pandas?! Even better these can be used as a hanging decoration. These are perfect for preschool or in the early years of school, especially if you are having a zoo theme week.

I love the way this blogger has created male and female pandas, with some wearing bows and others not!

You can do so much with this particular paper plate craft for kids. The smaller plates are great for making baby pandas too.

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If you like bird crafts for kids and want to do one with a paper plate, this pelican is not too difficult if you follow step by step craft instructions.

This is excellent for teaching kids about different shapes and math concepts, i.e which piece is bigger/smaller.

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My kids love going to the zoo and their two favorite animals to see are giraffes and elephants!

This giraffe animal paper plate craft requires several plates to make it, and would be suited to 6 year olds and older.

You can do it with younger kids too and get them to count out the plates for you, to make it educational whilst fun at the same time.

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If you are going to the seaside soon, why not make some paper plate animal crafts of the sea animals!

This crab and lobster tutorial will help you make these and keep your kids entertained.

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Go quackers for this duck craft. If you are doing water themed crafts you can do it alongside the crab and lobster above.

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This is the perfect Easter plate craft for kids! It also involves using your hand as a template for the chick's wings!

I love this one as I have lots of Easter crafts including my spring chick craft

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I absolutely adore ocean crafts for kids during the Summer. Let us face it we need stacks of them because the kids get such a long vacation from school.

This under water paper plate animal craft for kids features fish and vegetation. There is lots going on here and this can be an excellent craft to get kids talking and thinking about different creatures you find in the ocean.

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Bird paper plate crafts for kids are hugely popular, and this parrot is no different.

I can imagine my little kids would really enjoy making this one and trying to encourage it to talk afterwards, Pretty Polly!

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Who wants to make a happy snappy crab using a paper plate?! This is easy that preschoolers can do it, and do not worry as these little guys will not bite.

This craft requires pipe cleaners! I would probably switch the eyes for googly eyes as I have some reallly big ones here in the pack I bought.

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This animal paper plate craft does not involve much paint, but instead tissue paper to create the fish!!

I think this is a great craft for 3 or 4 year olds as they love cutting tissue paper into bits and sticking it down!! This is exactly what you have to do to make this fish!

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This is another paper plate/tissue paper craft. This time the end result is a fabulous sea turtle! Of course you could decorate him however you wish, and paint him instead of sticking down tissue paper.

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Create thia beaver paper plate craft using your fingers to paint! We all know kids love painting with their hands so this is sure to be a winner!

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This simple craft lets you make a beautiful ladybird.

I love ladybug crafts and have previously made one from a walnut!

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What a fun educational color match paper plate animal craft! I love matching games, and this color match jellyfish craft will definitely hold the kids interest.

I would let my kids color or paint the different sections of the plate as well as the clothespins!

They would have so much fun matching them up.

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Please pin this page and revisit as I plan to add lots more new animals to make from paper plates! But for now which is your favorite so far? Comment below and let me know!

Have you had time to make all these Paper Plate Animal Crafts for Kids?

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