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Paper Bag Witch Craft – Make a Spooky Halloween Witch Puppet

Here at Easy Crafts for Kids we all love story telling, especially at Halloween so my latest paper bag witch craft will go down a storm! Tell your scariest stories using my spooky Halloween witch puppet!

paper bag witch craft

Halloween Witch Puppet Crafts for Kids

My kids love Halloween witches believe it or not!! As soon as October approaches, maybe even by mid September if I am being honest they are begging me to make lots of different Halloween witch crafts!

We also love easy puppets for kids and have made tons of our own including my recent bat paper bag puppets. I am always looking for new ideas and I love these cute witch puppets, which are so easy to make using my free printable template and instructions below!

What are you waiting for? As soon as you have a free 30 minutes get stuck in!

How to Make a Paper Bag Witch Craft Puppet

Like most of my very easy paper crafts for kids this does not require many materials

  • Colored craft papers
  • Paper bag
  • A pair of scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Pencil – to trace the template
  • Sharpies

Paper Bag Witch Template

Paper Bag Witch Puppet Template

Paper Bag Witch Puppet Step by Step Instructions

Step 1:
You can use store bought paper bag for this craft or you can make your own paper bag from craft paper or brown paper.
Print and cut out the witch puppet patterns from the provided template. Trace the patterns on colored craft papers of your choice and cut them out nicely.
paper bag witch craft supplies
Step 2:
Make a slit along the yellow marked line on the hair pattern. Insert the top side of the head through the hair-slit from below.
Step 3:
After pushing the top end of the head all the way through the slit, apply glue to join the head and hair together.
how to make a Halloween puppet
Step 4:
Glue the eye and blush cut-outs on the head. Use a black sharpie to draw the mouth and nose of the papercraft witch.
diy halloween witch puppet craft
Step 5:
Prepare the dress pattern or you can trace and cut out a customized dress pattern according to the size of the paper bag you have.
Use sharpies or paper cut-outs to decorate the dress.
easy witch puppet for kids
Step 6:
Select a paper bag or make a custom sized paper bag for this craft.
Step 7:
Flatten the bottom side of the paper bag with any one side of the bag. Attach the head pattern on the bottom part of the bag, keeping the hair faced outwards.
diy halloween puppet for kids
Step 8:
Glue the dress pattern on the bag’s side, below the head.
Step 9:
Glue the arms on both sides of the dress and then glue the shoe patterns on the bottom side of the dress.
how to make an easy paper bag witch
Step 10:
Glue the broomstick cut-outs to make the paper broom and glue the band cut-out on the hat base cut-out to make the hat.
paper witch broom
Step 11:
Glue the hat on the top side of the head and glue the broomstick on either arms of
the papercraft witch to complete the craft.
paper bag halloween puppet witch
What will your witch name be? You can call this anything you like!

If you want to make your story telling even more fun, why not make Halloween masks at home to go alongside this! Younger kids can have fun too and try some of my Halloween witch coloring pages.

Will you make this Paper Bag Witch Craft for Halloween?

Halloween Witch Puppet

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