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Wonderful Halloween Witch Crafts for Kids

Everyone associates October 31st with scary goings on and my wonderful Halloween witch crafts for kids are a perfect way to celebrate this year!

easy witch crafts for children

My 5 year old son has an obsession with witches all year long, not just at Halloween. I am not totally sure why this but he talks about them almost everyday.

He always wants me to dress up as a witch for Halloween, but I have left the honour to his sister for now! Another thing we like to discuss are the best witch names! I love how creative my kids are with this!

As a result of this I have made lots of fabulous easy witch crafts for kids this year which I cannot wait to share with you. They are on my site but I thought I would save you the hassle of searching for them and put them altogether in one post so you can make them all!

I have made witches using paper plates, paper, toilet paper rolls, cups etc. Some of my crafts are interactive and move making them great fun for engaging little kids. Learn how to make a Halloween witch mask at home

Please let me know what is your favorite witch Halloween craft! I do plan on making lots more but it takes time. Whenever you get through the list below why not try some of my other best Halloween crafts for kids

Wonderful Halloween Witch Crafts for Kids

These easy Halloween witch crafts for kids will teach you how to make witches from lots of different craft materials.

Can you think of some other ways to craft a witch this Halloween? How about making one using popsicle sticks or pipe cleaners (this might be more tricky).

If you do not wish to craft one you could try some of my free printable Halloween witch coloring pages

You could do some quilling and make a witch pattern. How about making some cauldrons or even a broom for your spooky witch! You could also do witch hat crafts. 

Some of my Halloween witch crafts for preschool include my paper cone witch and my toilet roll witch. I do plan on adding more kids preschool witch craft ideas soon. 

All witches like black cats so maybe you might want to make my Halloween cat craft alongside this one!

Do witches live in haunted houses? Why not make my 3D Haunted House luminary and pretend your witch lives inside!

Please share your easy witch crafts for kids.

How many of my Wonderful Halloween Witch Crafts for Kids Will you Make?

Halloween Witch Crafts for Kids

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