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Paper Christmas Tree Craft

Our paper Christmas tree craft for kids will help you take a plain old paper roll, and turn it into a cute little tree to decorate for the holidays.

paper christmas tree craft

This Christmas craft is a simple one, with simple supplies – just a paper roll, some construction paper and your glue and scissors. 

It is great for all ages. Once you are done you can decorate it as you wish with some markers. 

This is great to use as a decoration along side our paper roll snowman.


How to Make This Construction Paper Christmas Tree Craft

Craft Supplies:

  • paper roll
  • scissors
  • construction paper
  • glue

Step #1:

Cut out a strip of green construction paper. Make sure it is long enough to wrap around your paper roll. 

Using your scissors, cut slits all along it. Curl these up a round object (like a pen).

Step #2:

Glue the strip around the paper roll, repeat this process about 4 times, or until the paper roll is covered.

Be sure to leave a little space at the bottom for your stump.

how to make a paper christmas tree using toilet paper roll

Step #3:

At the top of the paper roll, create a smaller strip to cover the top.

Step #4:

Create a cone out of the construction paper. Make sure it is large enough to sit atop the tree, without having to glue it.

paper christmas tree craft

Step #5:

Cut slits similar to the rest of your tree, and curl these as well. Now simply place it atop your tree.

Our Christmas tree kids crafts are done! Now to decorate them!

What will you add to create the appearance of lights and decorations. How about some paint polka dots and glitter!

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Do you like this Paper Christmas Tree Craft?

diy paper christmas tree craft

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