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Reindeer Color Pages

Get into the festive spirit with some of my cute reindeer color pages for kids! I have 10 free reindeer coloring pages available! 

Reindeer coloring sheets

Here at Easy Crafts for Kids we have gone printable crazy! As opposed to just offering my readers excellent crafts I have now started offering some great free printable coloring pages for everyone to enjoy!

If you want to stay on the Christmas theme, I highly recommend my Cute Penguin coloring pages

Reindeers are brilliant, aren’t they?! After all they are the ones that pull Santa’s sleigh and ensure that he gets to everyone’s house on Christmas Eve!

Can you name all the reindeer? The most popular of these is of course Rudolph! You can turn any of the pictures below into a Rudolph coloring page by painting his nose red! 

There are many different breeds of reindeer that live all over the world. These may all look similar, but they have some differences, especially in their antlers. Some of the common breeds are Caribou, Finnish Forest, Swedish and Svalbard reindeer. 

Please check out some of the great Christmas reindeer coloring pages I have available below. The link to print the full set will be at the bottom of the page. I have only previewed 5 here as I thought I would leave the other 4 a nice surprise when you print off your pack!!

Cute Reindeer Coloring Pages

I love these adorable Christmas reindeer coloring sheets for kids. The first one features a close up of a reindeer which looks to have its eyes closed. It must be having a well-deserved nap before it starts its trek across the skies! I can actually image this being on the front of a Merry Xmas card!

Cute Reindeer Coloring Sheet

The below reindeer color page features one of Santa’s reindeers hiding in a mug of hot cocoa surrounded by candy canes! Sounds like a dream location if you ask me! 

Cute Reindeer Color Page

Reindeer Face Coloring Page

This up close and personal reindeer face coloring sheet lets you admire the pretty deer. This would be a good Christmas coloring page for preschool kids as they could add color wherever they wish. Will you color his nose red, or will be one of Santa’s other reindeer?

rudolph face coloring page

Rudolph reindeer coloring pages

Rudolph is looking pleased as punch here after delivering lots of Santa presents to a child’s house. I wonder what is inside the beautifully wrapped gifts. Did the children get everything they asked for? Little ones remember to color in this deer nose red and maybe write down some things you would like Santa to bring you. 

rudolph coloring page

Realistic reindeer coloring pages

This realistic reindeer coloring page shows Rudolph pulling Santa’s sleigh. He looks to be all alone, so I wonder does he have the strength to do it by himself? Anyhow I really do hope so or there will be some disappointed children come Christmas morning! 

Reindeer Coloring Sheet

Print my free pack of free reindeer color pages below:-

Reindeer Coloring Pages

Whenever you finish these reindeer color pages you may wish to try some of my fabulous reindeer crafts for kids

I also plan to do a reindeer drawing for kids to follow before Christmas so make sure and check back for this. 

What other Cute Christmas coloring pages would you like to see on my site?

Will you print these Reindeer Color Pages?

Reindeer Color Pages

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