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Cute Penguin Coloring Pages

My free cute penguin coloring pages are the perfect Winter activity for kids this year! Use them for fun or during penguin activity week. You can see a picture below of what sort of penguin colouring pages are featured. 

Penguin Printable coloring pages

My daughter had a full week of Penguin themed activities last year. I was shocked that she did not get any penguin pictures to color. It’s just a pity that I had not created these cute Christmas coloring pages in time for her to enhance her learning of Emperor penguins and their natural habitats! 

Young or old most people adore these black and white creatures! We are fortunate that we do get to see them at the zoo but most of the time we have to admire them from afar! 

These coloring pages of penguin will be immensely popular during the Winter months and remind kids of how great they are! Why not combine them with my easy zoo coloring pages.

As always I am going to show off some of my favorite printables below and then you can download them all at the bottom of the page! If this is not enough penguin fun for you feel free to attempt my penguin paper craft or make my adorable Penguin bookmark

Most of these are Winter and indeed Christmas themed!

Free Penguin Colouring Pages

This lucky penguin is surrounded by different types of candy! I wonder which is her favorite?! Ask kids how many different types of candy she has.

Free Penguin Coloring Page

Personally I love the lollipops! I think she does too as she has a mega sized one in her hand!

Christmas Penguin Coloring Page for Preschool

How cute is this penguin with candy canes and mistletoe?! Little kids might want to count how many candy canes and pieces of mistletoe are in the picture. 

Penguin Candy Cane Coloring Page

This lovable penguin has a very pretty scarf around her neck! She is staying warm by wearing a bobble hat. Girls and boys may want to add a similar scarf pattern to the hat.

Penguin Christmas Coloring Page for Girls and Boys

Who is excited about Christmas? This cute penguin coloring page will put you right in the mood!

Penguin Christmas Coloring Page for Girls

Looks like it might be Christmas morning and Santa has left some presents underneath the Christmas tree for the happy little penguin to open! What sort of gifts might a penguin want? This is a great question to ask to get little minds working!

How pretty is the star garland hanging above the warm cosy fireplace. Preschool kids might want to count how many stars are there?!

Penguin Christmas Tree Coloring Page

This clever penguin has been Christmas shopping! She has been busy selecting a Christmas tree and some gifts for her friends and family.  As she lives in the North Pole she has to use a sleigh to get home in the snow. 

Penguin Christmas Tree Coloring Page

These cute Christmas coloring pages for girls and boys have put me right into the Christmas spirit! So much so I’m off to create some more!

You can make your own too using my easy penguin drawing

Please print my Printable Penguin Coloring Pages:-

Penguin Coloring Sheets

Where to find more Cute Penguin Coloring Pages?

If you have completed these coloring pages of a penguin you might want to download even more! Let us face it during Winter we cannot get enough of this black and white bird. 

Anyhow I really recommend Super Coloring for their large selection of different penguin colouring pages. They feature lots of different breeds including Kawaii, African, Yellow Eyed, Chinstrap and many more. These are super educational and feature realistic penguin pictures to color. 

Which of these Cute Penguin Coloring Pages is your Favorite?

Cute Penguin Coloring Pages

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