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Robin Christmas Card Crafts

Christmas time is all about goodwill and for me great craft activities with my kids. These robin Christmas card crafts are such a great way to send Christmas greetings to friends and family, as well as being lots of fun for kids to make.

how to make a robin christmas card

Robins have been associated with Christmas since Victorian times. We always talk about little Robin redbreast and apparently postmen way back then were nicknamed Robins due to the red uniforms they wore.

People think the robin on a Christmas card represents these postmen who kindly delivered the cards.  There is a religious background to the legend of the robin also, but that story is for another time.

Anyhow a robin Christmas card is a great idea at the pretty bird is one of the most cheerful things you will see on a Winter’s Day in the run up to Christmas. 

I love making Christmas crafts for kids and have a few other great DIY Christmas card crafts including my Snowman Pop Up Card and my Gingerbread Man Pop up card

How to Make 3D Snowman Card



gingerbread man card craft










Please find my easy step by step instructions for this homemade robin Christmas card crafts for kids below, with images to help you


how to make a robin christmas card

Robin Christmas Card Crafts

Yield: 1

These robin Christmas card crafts will help kids make a beautiful paper card to send to friends and family.


  • Colourful craft papers.
  • Cardstock papers.
  • Pencil.
  • Ruler.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue.


Step 1:

Print out the PDF templates for your Robin Card.

Then, cut along the outlines to prepare the pieces for your card.

Use cardstock papers to make this card.

robin christmas card supplies

Step 2:

First, glue the Robin bird’s red body part over the bottom half of the card.

diy robin christmas card

Step 3:

Then glue the Robin bird’s eyes on the top of the card and the beak in between the two eyes.

Step 4:

Now, glue the Robin bird’s claws on the bottom part of the card.

Step 5:

Glue the robin bird’s two wings on two sides of the card/bird’s body.

cute Christmas card crafts for kids

Step 6:

Glue the robin bird’s hat/beanie on top of the bird’s head.

robin christmas craft for kids

Step 7:

Now, glue the scarf over the bird’s neck area.

easy robin card craft

Step 8:

Then glue the “Merry Christmas” card inside the Robin bird card.

merry christmas card craft

You might be tempted to make more than one of these, but if you are only making one why not send it to your child’s entire class! 

What other Christmas robin craft ideas can you think of? How about a themed wreath or even a crown? You could even make themed napkin holders!

Please print out my free template to help you make this robin card craft for Christmas:-

Robin Card Template

Do you like my Robin Christmas card craft?

Robin Christmas Card Crafts

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