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Elf and Elf Shoe Craft

Elf on the shelf is massively popular during December but instead of moving the little guy around, I decided to do an elf and elf shoe craft instead. This was so much fun for my kids and gave them something to play with afterwards. 

elf and elf boot craft for christmas

Cheeky elves are everywhere in December causing mischief! Kids love them and talk about them almost as much as Santa Claus!

My easy elf crafts has lots of great ideas for children who want to craft this December but for now I am going to walk you step by step though an easy elf and elf shoe paper craft. 

You can follow my directions but you are also free to decorate the elf shoe as you wish! Sometimes little kids like to be independent and do their own thing, which is great for their imagination. 

elf and elf boot craft for christmas

Elf and Elf Shoe Craft

Yield: 1

This Elf and Elf shoe craft is a fun Christmas paper craft for kids.


  • Colourful craft papers.
  • Cardstock.
  • Pencil.
  • Ruler.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue.


Step 1:

First, print out the PDF templates.

Then, use the templates to cut out the elf and the pieces of the shoe from colourful craft papers.

elf and elf shoe craft supplies

Step 2:

Glue the elf’s hat to his head, collar to the shirt, sleeve’s laces, buckle to the belt and shoes to the trousers.

how to make a paper elf and elf shoe

Step 3:

Then join the shirt, pants and hands together. 

Glue the belt to the trousers. Your paper elf should look as below:-

paper elf craft process

Step 4:

Draw the elf’s face with colourful marker pens.

Step 5:

Gather the decorations for the shoe.

Step 6:

Now, glue the shoe’s upper part on the top of the shoe, then the door and the circular window.

Step 7:

Then, glue the door’s handle and the window’s glass.

Step 8:

Now glue the pom-poms on the shoelaces and then glue the bars on the door’s transom.

paper elf boot craft

Does the elf shoe/boot not look like a little house that the elf could actually live in? That’s another great idea for a 3D craft for kids. That way they can move the elf in and out of his pretend house!

If you like this cute Christmas craft for kids you may also enjoy some of my other paper crafts including my Santa Pop up card and my Elf Clay Pot craft

Please print my printable template to help you complete this craft:-

Elf and elf Shoe Template

Do you like this Elf and Elf Shoe Craft?

elf and elf shoe craft for kids

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