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How To Make Toilet Paper Roll Pilgrims

Making toilet paper roll pilgrims for Thanksgiving might sound funny, but using a toilet paper roll is the easiest way to create a little person. So don’t throw out those empty rolls, decorate with them using these kids thanksgiving toilet paper roll crafts!

Pilgrim and Indian decorations on a wooden table.

Kids Thanksgiving Crafts – Toilet Paper Roll People Crafts

Check out more of our vast selection of kids thanksgiving crafts! Use these with your kids, or students, to help celebrate this holiday.

There are many places you can use these crafts. They make great decorations for at home, or at school. They also make a great learning experience for kids – use these kids thanksgiving crafts as a way to educate your kids about Thanksgiving and how it came it be!

Making these adorable toilet paper pilgrims and Indians will be the highlight of your little ones’ day!  Take the opportunity to teach him/her about our history and the  meaning of Thanksgiving. 

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Festive Napkin Rings: another craft made out of toilet paper rolls.

Find out step by step directions to help you make my pilgrim toilet paper roll people crafts below

Pilgrim and Indian decorations on a wooden table.

Toilet Paper Roll Pilgrims

Yield: 1 pilgrim

Make adorable toilet paper roll pilgrims to decorate for Thanksgiving.




Step #1:

Measure out a strip of construction paper for the pilgrim's body. This will be wrapped around 3/4 of the toilet paper roll. Once it is cut out, wrap it around starting at the bottom and glue it.

Step #2:

Get a pink piece (or peach) of construction paper. Do the same as you did with the body, to cover the rest of the toilet paper roll. Before you glue this one, measure a yellow piece the same size. Then glue.

Step #3:

This can be your template for a girl or boy pilgrim, or you can make a little Indian as well. For our example, we have created a boy pilgrim and a girl Indian 🙂

Step #4:

Take that yellow piece of construction paper your measured. Cut small slits all the way around it, cut up about 3/4 of the paper. Roll it around the face area of your pilgrim. This will be their hair. In the front area trim the bangs so your pilgrim can see.

Step #5:

Draw a face on the pink area that is under the bangs.

Step #6:

Cut out a white piece of paper for the pilgrim's shirt. Glue it on.

Step #7:

Cut another strip, this time black. This will be the main section of his hat. Also cut a circle out that will be the brim of his hat. To complete his hat, cut a think strip of white to wrap around the base to make a belt. Add its final piece: a yellow square for the buckle. Glue this hat on top his head.

Jazz It Up!!

Add pipe cleaner arms to complete your pilgrim.

What will you use these toilet paper roll people crafts for? They could easily be used as DIY pilgrim decorations for your Thanksgiving dinner table. You could add them as a centerpiece. 

I have some other Pilgrim crafts including my Mayflower ship craft for kids

Why not learn how to make pilgrim hats as well!

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Use these easy thanksgiving kids crafts to help create a festive surrounding for your family thanksgiving dinner.

Can you think of other Pilgrim crafts you might like to make? 

Happy Thanksgiving, and lets get crafting!!!

Do you like these Thanksgiving Toilet Paper Roll Pilgrims?

As you’re planning for your family’s Thanksgiving dinner, let the kids help. These toilet paper roll pilgrims and Indians make the perfect table decorations. Simple enough for a preschool or kindergarten activity, you probably have all the materials in your home. #thanksgiving #tpcrafts #toiletpapercrafts #thanksgivingcrafts #kidscrafts #pilgrims #thanksgivingdinnerdecorations

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