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Ladybug Bookmark Craft With Paper Clip

Summer craft ideas like this ladybug bookmark craft and so much more! Never loose your place in for book again with these neat little paperclip crafts 

ladybug bookmark craft

Ladybug Paperclip Crafts

This is a great way to promote reading and add some cuteness to any book.

As simple as some paper and a paper clip and you won’t loose your spot in your book every again.

We have chosen to create a lady bug, but the possibilities are endless!

You can create things like a flower, stars, sun, butterfly, beach ball, bumble bee, ice cream cone, caterpillar, bookworm, etc.

If it is a holiday or special occasion make these bookmarks festive. Make a pumpkin for Halloween, an elf for Christmas. 

This way you will have a bookmark for every season, holiday and occasion! I have lots of these already on my site and my most popular is my unicorn head bookmark

Why not have fun doing some of my ladybug coloring pages


Summer Craft Ideas: LadyBug Paper Clip Bookmark

Let’s get crafting, so you can get back to reading! Make sure you never loose your spot in your summer reading! Find out how to make this ladybug paper clip craft

Craft Supplies:

  • Paper Clip
  • Construction Paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Markers or Crayons
  • Glue
  • Googly Eyes, if needed

Age Recommendation:

5 years and up

Time to Complete:

15-30 minutes

Step #1:

Decide what type of creature you would like on your bookmark. For our example we created a ladybug.

Out of construction paper, create your design in pieces. Once they are all put together it will make your critter.

Step #2:

Take all of your cut out pieces and glue together your creature – like a puzzle.

Step #3:

Glue your creature to the top of your paperclip. Make sure that the end that goes onto the paper is on the bottom.

For a more secure attachment, have an adult use a hot glue gun to attach it.

Step #4:

Make sure that your bookmark is nice and dry. Now it’s time to test your new bookmark out in your favorite book.

These summer craft ideas for kids are a great way to get the kids excited about reading!

Not a fan of ladybugs? You can make anything you want – make a sun, flower, or whatever your creative mind can come up with!

If you love ladybug crafts for kids, you need to make my walnut ladybug

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Can you think of any more Lady Bug Bookmark Ideas for Kids?

If you learned how to draw your own ladybug you could make your own paperclip bookmark.

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Do you like this Ladybug Bookmark Craft?

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