Cowboy Crafts For Kids That Encourage Imagination

It is great for kids to keep up their imagination – and these crafts will put that to the test and give them hours of make believe fun. These cowboy crafts for kids will help any little one be the world’s best cowboy!

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With these fun and easy crafts, the kids can make their very own cowboy costumes and other dress up costumes.

These fun cowboy crafts have a dual benefit:

  1. first, it’s a ton of fun to spend time together crafting
  2. then, the kids can have hours of fun acting and pretending to be cowboys

Nothing develops an active imagination like the combination of crafts and playing pretend! These cowboy crafts can also be a lot of fun to create at a cowboy themed, or western themed birthday party.

Also, if you want to teach the kids in school about cowboys and western history, have them make some of these cowboy crafts.

We’ve also thought up a few other dress up crafts to add in here too!

Nothing stimulates a child’s imagination more than some pretend play crafts. I have a massive list of easy puppets for kids to make that really encourage them do think out of the box!

Fun Cowboy Crafts for Kids

Every little boy will be delighted to create (and then play with) these cowboy crafts for kids. Great for birthday parties, VBS, preschool activities or rainy days.

Other Fun Dress Up Crafts

Magical Fairy Wand: Not every little girl wants to be a cowgirl… so here’s some dress up ideas to transform into a beautiful fairy!


  • Pipe cleaners (sparkly ones)
  • Craft foam
  • Glitter Paint
  • Popsicle stick
  • Glue
  • Paint brush

Pirate Crafts: Create your own pirate themed crafts. Learn some fun Pirate crafts that will help you decorate for a pirate theme, or dress yourself up like a mighty pirate

We will show you how to make:

  • Pirate hats
  • Eye patches
  • Telescopes

Spoon Puppets: A fun way to turn spoons into puppets for your puppet shows.


I know these cowboy crafts for kids and other dress up crafts will give your kids with hours of fun and excitement! It is everything you need to turn them into a cowboy or cowgirl.

If your little one doesn’t want to be a cowboy, maybe they would rather be a pirate like Jack Sparrow!

Check out our Pirate Crafts for Kids for a home made pirate costume.

Do you like these Cowboy Crafts for Kids?

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