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Printable Thanksgiving Stickers

No need to worry! We have these adorable printable Thanksgiving stickers to help you with those last minute thanksgiving craft ideas and decorations!

The holiday season is already here. With Thanksgiving just a few days away, did you forget to add in some fun Thanksgiving craft time?

stickers for thanksgiving

>When all the rush about the holidays starts – preparation, decoration and gifts, we tend to forget the true meaning of this glorious day.

It’s the time of year to gather around with your close ones, and show gratitude for all the things you appreciate. It’s also the perfect opportunity to teach the children to be grateful.

Free Printable Thanksgiving Stickers – Great for those Last Minute Craft Ideas!

Entertaining the young ones can be hard at times. These free and colourful Thanksgiving stickers can help you out when making various crafts with children. They can be printed on a regular or self-adhesive paper. These are great for those last minute Thanksgiving craft ideas and decorations!

You can use them alongside my turkey crafts for kids!

How best to Use Thanksgiving Stickers Printable

Gratitude Cards

Free Thanksgiving stickers printable are not only entertaining but also a great way to teach kids a valuable lesson about gratitude.

Children can use the stickers to write down what they are thankful for and apply them on a message board specially prepared for this occasion.

If the message board sounds too demanding, you could use mason jars. Who doesn’t have them in their home?

They are reusable and can be used for decoration purposes. Get the kids to gather some branches, and pinecones, put them in the jar and place free Thanksgiving stickers for kids on it.

Preparing Gifts

All kids love sweets. If you have some treat bags left from Halloween, you can can make delicious Thanksgiving sweets and put them in the bags.

Let the kids decorate them with stickers. They can write little notes of gratitude, personalize their gift, or write some jokes.

Table Decoration

Why not let the children be a part of decorating activities. They could gather some leaves, paint them, and use them in decorating the house and the centrepiece.

Also, they can make place cards, write down their names or little notes of gratitude.

These colourful stickers can be used as Thanksgiving napkin rings as well. Save some paper rolls, cut them in half and show children how to paint them and apply stickers.

It will be a memorable table decoration.

Why not make my origami pumpkin 3D as a table decoration also. 

I do hope you love these free printable Thanksgiving labels for kids!

Download these fun printables, and start planning Thanksgiving activities and crafts. It’s time to start enjoying the holiday season!

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Embrace it with these easy ideas – they are great for those last minute Thanksgiving craft ideas!

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Have you ever used Thanksgiving Stickers for Crafts and Décor?

Printable thanksgiving stickers

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