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Turkey Puppet From Paper Bag

I love making animal puppets for kids, and my hand Turkey puppet from paper bag is perfect for Thanksgiving time!

easy turkey paper bag puppet

Everyone knows turkeys are hugely popular during Fall especially at Thanksgiving. We all love to eat this meat for our Thanksgiving dinner, but one thing my kids like even more is to make their own turkey crafts! 

Previously we used handprints to make a turkey-this is a great craft for younger kids by the way! Older kids like interactive crafts and also some with story telling. 

My paper bag animal puppets are hugely popular for kids and great for making up stories, so I thought it was time my daughter and I made a Turkey hand puppet for Fall! 

I have included a free template and step by step process to help you make this paper bag turkey puppet craft!

If you love the idea of this I have lots more easy puppet crafts suitable for children.

easy turkey paper bag puppet

Turkey Puppet From Paper Bag

Yield: 1

This Turkey Puppet From Paper Bag is super easy using my free printable template and craft process! This kids craft is great for Thanksgiving.


  • 1. Colored craft papers
  • 2. Paper bag
  • 3. Craft glue
  • 4. Pencil
  • 5. Scissors


Step 1:

Select colored craft papers for the turkey craft. We’re using brown paper for the head and body base, red for the wattle, yellow for the feet and orange for the beak.

You can use different shades of orange and red colored craft papers for the feathers. Trace and cut out the patterns nicely.

Why not make several turkey puppets using different colors! My little girl wants to make a rainbow turkey.

Step 2:

Take the head cutout and attach the eyes, wattle and beak cutouts on it properly. You can see how it looks below.

how to make a turkey puppet from a paper bag

Step 3:

Turn the head pattern to the other side in preparation of attaching the feathers

Step 4:

Attach the feather cutouts on the backside of the head pattern around the top and both sides.

diy turkey paper bag puppet for kids

Step 5:

Attach the feathers anyway you want until you’re happy with the pattern. You can space them out or keep them touching.

Step 6:

Turn the head pattern to front side again. Select a paper bag or make your own paper bag from craft paper or brown paper.

Attach the leg cutouts near the open end of the bag (this will be the bottom side of the puppet).

easy turkey thanksgiving puppet

Step 7:

Attach the body base cutout on the paper bag, on the top side of the legs.

Step 8:

Attach the head pattern on the flat bottom side of the paper bag.

Flatten the head with the front side of the bag to complete the turkey puppet.

What will you do with your hand puppet? Will you encourage your kids to use it to entertain their friends at Thanksgiving. Make sure and listen in to the stories they tell.

Why not make an entire family of these to make your story even more compelling

You will need a turkey paper bag puppet template to complete your easy Thanksgiving paper craft

Paper Bag Turkey Craft Template

Maybe you will combine these hand puppets with some of my other animal crafts to make your story really interesting! This could be a great way to keep the kids entertained while you are making their yummy Thanksgiving dinner. 

Can you think of other ways to make a turkey puppet? How about drawing a turkey on paper and then sticking a popsicle stick on the back!

If you made a smaller turkey you could use it as a finger puppet. I have lots more ideas for Thanksgiving turkey crafts to keep your kids in Thanksgiving mode for as long as need be!

Do you like this Turkey Puppet Paper Bag?

Turkey Puppet From Paper Bag

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