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Edible Valentine Day Crafts for Kids

Use our valentine day crafts for kids to create creative valentine day treats? Why be ordinary with valentine cards, give out home made treats instead.

Traditionally everyone gives out little cards and some cinnamon hearts in school on Valentine’s day.

Use these and you will be sure to be giving out the most unforgettable treats in the classroom.

Show your friends and classmates your appreciation for them. 

Give a hint to your crush that you like them with one of these edible crafts!

A card and a tasty treat is a great way to show your friends and classmates you care about them!

Lollipop Cupid

Another tasty valentine you can give out. Use a lollipop and create your very own cupid to send out. Previously we have made a cupid toilet paper roll craft for Valentine Day

Craft Supplies:

  • Construction Paper
  • Heart Shaped Lollipops
  • Glue
  • Googly Eyes
  • Pipe Cleaners

Step #1:

Glue googly eyes onto the center of each lollipop.

Step #2:

Cut out yellow construction paper in the shape of curly hair. Glue this to the top of your lollipop.

Step #3:

Cut wings out of white construction paper. Glue these on the back of the lollipop.

Step #4:

With the pipe cleaners, create an arrow and a bow. Attach these to another pipe cleaner that will be the cupids arm. Glue this to the stick of the lollipop.

Jazz It Up!!

Add a halo, and a nose and mouth to give more detail to cupid.

Check out a few more fun Valentines activities for kids that are so simple they are great for last minute games and crafts!

These are some tasty valentine day crafts for kids to try out on Valentine’s Day! We have more crafts to come so always check back with us!! And, of course, share us with your friends!

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Do you like this Lollipop Cupid Edible Valentine Craft for Kids?

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