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Valentines Activities for Kids

A bunch of fun Valentines activities for the kids to help share the love and celebrate Valentines Day. 

These are some amazing ideas from our friend Cheryl over at Preschool Plan-It

A Little Bit About Preschool Plan It

Cheryl Hatch is passionate about everything preschool and has taught in or directed preschool programs for 20 years as well as Sunday school. She has her undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education.

She is the Creator and Owner of Preschool Plan It

Cheryl’s favorite thing to do is to spend time with her husband, her daughters, her friends and her corgi, Jumpin’ Jack McFlash the Corgi (some might say she is obsessed with him). She loves to read and thinks the library in the movie Beauty and the Beast would be a tad too small for her needs. She is learning to play an instrument, the keyboard, this year. It was a second choice to singing but her corgi is not fond of her voice as shown by his howling when she attempts to sing!

These are just a few of the cute Valentine Crafts I have on my site

Valentine Crafts for All Ages

Here are a few simple craft ideas you can use for some fun on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Picture Easel:

•Take 3 craft sticks (tongue depressor size) and paint or use marker to color them red, pink, and/or white. Let dry.

•Glue 2 of the sticks together at the top to form a V-shape and let dry.

•Glue a smaller stick (popsicle stick size) across the V-shape to make a ledge. Let dry.

•Attach a small piece of felt to the back of the V-shape and to the 3rd craft stick, so that it forms a hinge.

•Cut a square of red or pink cardstock to fit on the ledge.

•Glue a small picture of child onto cardstock and let dry.

•To finish, set cardstock on ledge and gently balance the easel to stand up!

3D Heart Mobile:

If students are younger, you may want to have all the hearts needed for this craft pre-cut (try an Ellison die).

Each student needs 3 red hearts, 3 pink hearts, and 3 white hearts – all the same size, and a piece of red yarn about 12 inches long.

•Fold each of the hearts in half.

•Glue 1/2 of a red heart to 1/2 of a pink heart.

•Lay the yarn along the crease of the red and pink hearts.

•Glue 1/2 of the white heart to the red side and 1/2 to the pink side, so you have a 3D heart with a string running down the middle.

•Repeat the same steps for the other 2 hearts, spacing them down the yarn.

•When finished, you will have 3 beautiful 3D hearts to hang in a place of prominence!

Valentine Crown:

•Paint a paper plate red on both sides and let dry.

•Cut the plate across the middle, stopping about an inch away from the edge on both sides.

•Make 2 more cuts, so that the plate is cut into 6 pie-shaped sections.

•Glue on candy conversation hearts on the points.

•Fold up the sections to make a crown.

Crown someone the king or queen of your heart!

Heart Photo Locket:

•Paint both sides of 2 metal bottle caps with red paint or nail polish. Let dry.

•Glue a tiny picture of child inside one of the caps.

•On the front of the other cap, glue on a small decoration – like a conversation heart, a piece of paper cut into a heart, or glitter.

•Glue a small strip of red felt to the inside of both caps, so that they can open and close like a locket.

•Wrap a piece of red yarn around the felt hinge, then tie the 2 ends together to form a necklace.

Give to someone special so they can see your face whenever they’d like!

Valentine Candy Jewelry:

•Rip off a 1-2″ wide strip of plastic cling wrap (like Saran Wrap™).

•Lay candy conversation hearts along the plastic, leaving a space between each one (you could also use candy red hots, or use them in a pattern between the candy hearts).

•Roll the plastic wrap over the candy, so that they cannot fall out.

•Using small pieces of yarn, tie little bows in between each candy section, so they don’t all run together.

•To finish, tie the ends together with yarn, and you will have a yummy bracelet to wear!

I have some more edible Valentine craft ideas in the form of my Candy Valentine Monster craft

Heart Air Freshener:

•Cut 2 identical sized hearts from old Valentine’s cards, cardstock, or even old wallpaper.

•Glue the sides and bottom of the hearts together. Let dry.

•Either fill with potpourri or make your own. Fill a tissue with scented powder, like baby powder, and then insert the tissue into the pocket made by the hearts.

•Punch a hole in the top of both hearts.

•Use a piece of red yarn, tie the 2 hearts together, then tie the 2 ends of the yarn together to make a loop to hang with.

•Hang the air freshener in your car or in a closet!

Valentine Bookmark:

•Cut a piece of red cardstock 2-3″ wide and 12″ long.

•Fold in half lengthwise.

•Write a special Valentine’s Day message on the inside.

•Stick 2 self-adhesive magnets on the bottom insides of the cardstock.

•Glue lace over the outside of the cardstock.

When dry, you can give this bookmark to someone special. The magnets will keep it in place over a page!

Valentines Activities for Kids: Games

Valentine’s Day Relay:

Divide the children into 2 equal groups. If you have an odd number, one child will have to go twice in the relay to make it fair. The first child puts a pair of mittens on, unwraps a Hersey’s Kiss and eats it. After it’s in their mouth, they can take the mittens off and hand them to the next child. The first team to have all of their members eat their Kisses wins!

Other Great Online Games:

A Kid’s Heart Online Valentine’s Day Games has over 15 online games on this site!

Primary Games Online Valentine’s Day Games – There are over 12 games on this site.  You will need to check them out to see which are developmentally appropriate for your children.

Disney Family Valentine’s Games Online  Disney Family changes the games available on this page based on the season/month.

Printable Valentines Cards

Get some adorable printable Valentines cards and send out lots of love and creativity!

Printable Valentines Cards

Easy Crafts for Kids is social too! Be sure to join us and keep up to date on what the Crafty Critters are up to:

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