Valentine Animal Craft To Love

Animals are extremely loving, and these Valentine animal craft ideas are perfect for Valentine’s Day cards or just on their own. 

animal crafts for Valentine Day

School kids will love receiving one of these in my Paper Bag Valentine Card Mailbox. You can also put the smaller treats into my animal themed Valentine Day mailbox.

There are so many to choose including bears, butterflies, lady bugs and owls! Which is your favorite? Maybe your kids can make them all and you can let me know!

Valentine Animal Crafts To Love

Check out my large list of Valentine animal crafts for kids to love! Paper crafts, toilet roll crafts and lots more featuring your favorite animals.

How cute are this pair of bearing a card and gift! This simple Bear craft with paper is perfect on it's own or stuck onto a Valentine Day card. My free printable template and step by step craft guide makes it super simple for kids to recreate this Valentine animal craft.

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This love bee is super simple to make the perfect treat for kids on February 14th! These are ideal to put into Valentine Day mailboxes in the classroom.

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How sweet is this felt craft for kids! Stick a few heart shapes together and you have your very own lovable mouse for Valentine's Day.

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These Valentine butterflies made from colored paper are perfect for kids to make at school! The choice of colors and design on the insect is entirely up to the crafter.

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I love toilet roll Valentine crafts, like my paper roll cupid craft for kids.

This is perfect for preschool kids and older, who get to make their own love heart bear.

This craft is brilliant because it involves both painting and coloring, things my 3 and 4 year old!

Fine motor skills are also tested by cutting around the different parts of the bear template (which comes with this article).

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How about sending one of these gorgeous Koala bear crafts as a Valentine Day card!!

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My 4 year old daughter is crazy about llamas after her Daddy won her a bling one from a machine! I cannot wait to show her this llama craft with paper!

This craft is perfect for tiny hands for Valentine's Day and will be suitable for preschool year or older.

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Finally I have found a fabulous Valentine animal craft for boys, because let us face it all the pink and heart are more girly!

This Alligator Valentine mailbox is the perfect place to post small notes or cards!

Keep it at home or use it in the classroom for Valentine's exchange.

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I love ladybug crafts especially this paper plate version.

This involves two paper plates, paint, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and of course hearts, making it ideal for Valentine's Day.

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These love bugs are super easy to create with different colors of felt and googly eyes!

This craft is suitable for toddlers right up to age 5 or 6! It is a good way to introduce colors and different sizes, i.e large and small.

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Valentine animal crafts do not come much better than these loving paper bats!

These Valentine bats can come bearing messages, making them perfect for cards to send to loved ones!

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I absolutely adore bookmark crafts for kids, especially those that are seasonal.

This paper owl craft will make the perfect corner bookmark for a keen reader.

These owl bookmarks are the perfect thing for kids to make to gift to their Mummy for Valentine's Day.

Even better are the messages suggested for inside.

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These Valentine Animal crafts will keep you and your kids crafting from now to Valentine’s Day and beyond. They are the ideal way for kids to show appreciation to their friends

More Delightful Valentine Day Crafts for Kids

If you want some more ideas for February 14th that do not involve animals, here you go:-

Valentine Hershey Kiss Treat

Valentine Candy Crafts – create a little Valentine monster to hold your favorite candy

Hot Air Balloon Valentine Mailbox Craft – perfect place to keep little treats

Did you like my Valentine Animal Craft Ideas?

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