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Dragon Coloring Pages for Kids

Children love doing activities with mythical creatures and my latest are some dragon coloring pages! I have 10 free printable dragon colouring sheets for you to decorate. 

dragon coloring pages easy

Dragons, like unicorns are mystical creatures! Little boys love them! Some of our favorite dragons include Raya and Dragonite from Pokemon. 

Dragons are large creatures with pointy horns, spikes as well as enormous wings! Are they all scary or are their any friendly dragons? I do think Raya from The Last Dragon was a cute friendly one, but most of them are fierce!

Why not use these for a themed Birthday party for boys? You could use them alongside some of my other cute coloring pages

Cute Elephant coloring pages for kids and easy puppy coloring pages are a few of my other animal printables. 

As always I will feature a few of my favorites and then provide a link at the bottom for you to print off the 10 page PDF with all the sheets. Good news is these are FREE!

Fire Breathing Dragon Coloring Page

Who wants to color a dragon breathing fire?! We all know that most mystical dragons are capable of doing this to fend off enemies! Ask the little kids do they think the flames would be hot or cold? Would they get burnt if they went close to a dragon?

easy dragon colouring page

This dragon is protecting the castle behind him, maybe he thinks predators are close and he is getting warmed up for battle.

Dragon Coloring Sheet Realistic

Perhaps you are looking for realistic dragon coloring pages as opposed to cute cartoon versions. In my opinion the picture below is of a real looking dragon for you to decorate. 

This is a real looking dragon as it has horns, wings, is flying in the air, looks pretty scary and is blowing out flames! I sure would not want to meet him on a dark night!! 

Question is girls and boys what colour are you going to use for him and what will you call him?!

real dragon coloring page realistic

Dragon Castle Coloring Page

Dragons and castles always went hand in hand during medieval times! This cute dragon is just chilling in the castle grounds right now. Obviously there is no sign of battle so you can relax and enjoy his surroundings. When is he is not in battle he looks happy and friendly! Maybe he needs some company to keep him entertained. 

cute dragon coloring pages easy

Perhaps you may wish to make a cardboard castle and do some of my medieval crafts alongside these dragon colouring pages.

Flying Dragon Coloring Page

Decorate this sheet with a flying dragon! We all know dragons can fly don’t we?! Looking at a dragon it is hard to imagine them flying as they are large and weigh lots.

I mean elephants cannot fly and dragons look slightly smaller. Birds can fly but they are lightweight compared to a dragon! In medieval times it is said dragons can fly and relatively fast especially when in battle. 

flying dragon colouring pages

Can you think of any cool dragon names that may suit these guys?! Here is a simple one, Drago. Put your ideas in the comments! 

If you love these you might want to try and make some of my dragon bookmarks printable which are a fun paper craft for kids of all ages. 

How about making one of my toilet paper roll dragons to accompany this craft also. 

Print off my free Dragon Coloring Pages PDF:-

Dragon Coloring Pages

Will you Print my Dragon Coloring Pages?

Cute Dragon Coloring Pages

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