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Adorable Unicorn Crafts for Kids

 Adorable unicorn crafts for kids are sure to please little girls everywhere! There are so many ways to make an unicorn from paper, paper plates, cups, toilet rolls and lots more! My list is full of the latest and best unicorns! 

Easy unicorn crafts for kids


Easy Unicorn Crafts for Kids

Unicorns are so pretty so why not make some of our own! You can do these at home, in school or even at a Birthday party. You can also learn how to draw an easy unicorn.

Use them for pretend play, home decor and as gifts! 

All the crafts come with free instructions and printable templates where required!

How to Make Unicorns for Kids

Find lots of different ways to make unicorns below! Please tell me which is your favorite at the end?! Maybe you have your own ideas, why not share them with my readers?!

Adorable Unicorn Crafts for Kids

Have fun with my adorable unicorn crafts for kids!! These cute unicorn craft ideas are suitable for kids age 5 and upwards!

Other Unicorn Craft Ideas

Is there something I missed? What other unicorn crafts can you think of? Pinterest is a really great place to explore for endless suggestions!

How about an unicorn dream catcher?! Create a unicorn themed dreamcatcher by using a hoop, yarn, and feathers. Add a solitary horn and ears using felt or foam and decorate with colorful glitter, beads, and sequins. You can check out my easy dream catcher tutorial for help.

Older kids might like to make a DIY unicorn craft using a mason jar. You can make this as easy or complicated as you like. 

Do you like my Adorable Unicorn Crafts for Kids?

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