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Unicorn Bookmark – Popsicle Stick Bookmark Craft

If you are wondering how to DIY unicorn book mark you have come to the right place. A perfect paper craft for little girls who love reading. You can jump straight to my tutorial how to make unicorn bookmark or my unicorn bookmark template if you want to figure out the craft process for yourself. Learn how to make an ice cream stick bookmark. 

unicorn bookmark craft


Unicorn Bookmark DIY

Most little girls adore unicorns and as a result want everything to have one on it, whether it be their PJs or school backpack. 

My latest craft involves some popsicle sticks and unicorns! This is an awesome craft for children who are bookworms. 

It is also a good activity to do at a Birthday party or give the finished product in a party favor bag if you want to make them beforehand. 

Bookmarks can be personalized or decorated however you like. I think they help kids associate reading with fun things and therefore make it a positive learning experience. 

I love my diy bookmark crafts and have tons here on this site for you all to enjoy! Why not have a Buzzing time reading with my bee bookmark craft or read a spooky story with my wicked witch bookmark!

I hope you enjoy this easy craft for children; I have set it out step by step to make it easy for you to follow. Please remember to download the template for the unicorn at the bottom to make it even simpler!

How to Make Unicorn Bookmark

unicorn bookmark craft

DIY Unicorn Bookmark - Popsicle Stick Bookmark Craft

Yield: 1

This DIY unicorn bookmark craft is so simple to make and only requires a few materials.


  • • Colourful craft paper.
  • • Popsicle Sticks.
  • • Craft Glue.
  • • Marker Pens.
  • • Scissors.
  • • Pencil.


Step 1:

Print out the free PDF template and cut out the pieces using whatever color of craft paper you wish. You can make it as colorful as you like.

Step 2:

First, take the largest teardrop shape and glue it on the right bottom side of the unicorn.

unicorn bookmark step by step

Step 3:

Now, glue more of the tear drop shapes one after another, slightly overlapping each other. The largest one should be at the bottom, and the smallest at the top.

Step 4:

Finish off glueing all the teardrop shapes, all the way up.

Step 5:

The next stage is to take the unicorn’s mane and glue it on the top of
his head.

Step 6:

Then glue the unicorn’s horn on the top right behind the mane.

how to make an unicorn bookmark

Step 7:

Use a marker pen to draw eye and smile on the unicorn.

Step 8:

Finish it off by glueing the popsicle stick on the back.

I hope these printable instructions have made it easy and taught you how to make a unicorn bookmark for yourself. 

Why not make several of these in different colors. You can add sequins or glitter to the mane if you like.

You can also use different color of popsicle sticks or why not decorate them too. How about writing your name on them and making them personalized!! This would work really well if you were going to gift them to someone!

The fact these are on the end of the popsicle stick means they can also be used as stick puppets! Popsicle stick puppets are brilliant for pretend play and creativity!

If you love this why not make my toilet paper roll unicorn! I also have some cute unicorn crafts that help turn a plastic cup into one!

Unicorn Bookmark template

While you can try and complete this without a template, it does make sense to print it. Print as many copies as you like and make as many as you like!

Do not leave yet before printing my free PDF Template :-

Unicorn Bookmark

Do you like this Unicorn Bookmark Craft?

unicorn Popsicle Stick Bookmark Craft

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