Wig Crafts for Kids

Create some wig crafts for kids and give you dolls a wig for any occasion. These wigs can be made very easily and only need a ball of yarn!

We've taken this wig and used it on our Angel Christmas Tree Topper, it is a great way to give your crafts hair.

Let's learn to make a wig, then we can make one in all kinds of colors - just get a rainbow selection of yarn!

Craft Supplies:

  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • A jar (size depends on how long you want your hair, bigger the jar longer the hair)

Step #1:

Wrap your yarn around the jar numerous times. The more you wrap the more hair your wig has.

Step #2:

Carefully pull all the yarn off the jar. You should have a circle of yarn. Be sure not to let it unravel.

Wrap a small piece of yarn around one side of the bundle. 

Step #3:

Opposite of where you tied the yarn, cut the circle apart. 

This should give you the wig!

Now, just take these wig crafts for kids and use them in crafts, or for your dolls!

Want to make the angel you see here??

We used our wig for a guardian angel for the top of our Christmas tree. Click here to learn more!

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