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Chick Plush Craft

Spring is almost upon us and this adorable chick plush craft is perfect for older kids and adults too! Just look at him, he is super cute!

diy easter chick plush

I love my Easter chick crafts for kids and so do all the children that get to make them!

This little guy is just newly hatched from his egg as you can see! 

They are very seasonal and ideal for Spring and Easter! Why not make lots of different Spring chicks using different materials!

You can try my chick craft with cardboard or my duckling craft for kids which uses an old paper cup!

Gather your chick plush and other creations together and have an Easter party with them!! My little girl loves pretend play so she would really enjoy this. She would give them all names!

diy easter chick plush

Chick Plush Craft

Yield: 1

Easter chick plush craft for Springtime!


  • Colored felt fabric
  • Sewing equipment to include needle and thread
  • Glue
  • Cotton
  • Pencil
  • Scissors


Step 1

Pick your colored felts for the chick plush craft and egg.

You are free to pick whichever colors you wish but I selected yellow, white, black, orange and pink for the chick, and white and purple for the egg.

chick sewing craft template supplies

Step 2

Using the appropriate glue for felt attach the hair pattern to the top end of the chick. Add the white cutouts from the template followed by the blacks of the eyes.

Step 3

Use the other chick pattern from the template, the one without hair and add the beak, eyes and cheeks to it using glue. This completes the face of your adorable Easter chick craft.

easter chick sewing craft

Step 4

Put the back part of the chick behind this face part and sew around it with yellow thread to connect the two pieces together.

Step 5

Remember to keep a small gap for filling your plush

Step 6

Use cotton wool or scrap fabric to stuff your plush.

Step 7

Remember to stitch up this opening so that the cotton wool does not come out.

Step 8

Get the 2 hatched egg patterns and stitch them together (leave the top part unsewed). Place the chick inside the hatched egg through the open end

This Easter sewing craft is suitable for older kids due to the use of a needle and thread, however little kids will enjoy helping Mum put this together.

You could make a range of these in different colors. They would make a great Easter gift for someone, or a younger child could use them for pretend play. 

Before you go here is the printable template you need to complete the craft:-

Easter Chick Plush template

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Will you be making this Chick Plush Craft


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