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House Pinwheel Craft

Who wants to make an adorable house pinwheel craft? Here at Easy Crafts for Kids we are going crazy for pinwheel crafts after the huge popularity of my Paper Windmill craft which kids love! This easy house craft for kids is easy to make using my free printable template. 

pinwheel house craft

The minute I seen this DIY Pinwheel craft which lets you make a tiny house, which resembles a windmill I knew I had to make it!!

The best thing is that you can make lots and lots of these in different colors and set up a tiny town! I love my town paper plate craft so why not do the two together! 

Supplies needed are fairly cheap to obtain and include toilet paper rolls, which I stock up on for crafts as well as commonly used items like paint!

pinwheel house craft

House Pinwheel Craft

Yield: 1

This cute DIY Pinwheel craft lets you make this tiny house which looks just like a windmill!


  • 1. Tissue Paper Roll.
  • 2. Colorful Craft Paper (you can pick any colors you wish)
  • 3. Paper Glue.
  • 4. Scissors.
  • 5. Ruler.
  • 6. Pencil.
  • 7. Marker.
  • 8. Thumb Pin.


Step 1:

Have these instructions to hand or print them off before commencing. Take a used paper roll and wrap it with white craft paper or any color of your choosing. I went for white as I think it looks very fresh with red.

Step 2:

Now cut a door shape from your colored craft paper. I went for a rounded door but you could make yours a rectangle. Then glue the door to the craft paper which is on the roll.

Step 3:

Now glue the doorknob. Alternatively you can draw one on.

Step 4:

Cut out a circular piece for the roof. I did this in red also.

Step 5:

Now cut the circular paper all the way to the centre.

Step 6:

Then overlap the cut area and glue it there.

Step 7:

Now cut out the pentagon shape from the template.

Step 8:

Cut the pentagon according to the lines on the template.

Step 9:

First, take the top thin pointed edge, bring it towards the centre of the pentagon and glue it there.

Step 10:

Similarly, take the third thin pointed edge and bring it towards the centre and secure it with glue.

Step 11:

Now glue rest of the thin points like you did previously, to finish the star shape. This is the star shape complete. Now we just need to add the pin to complete it.

Step 12:

Attach a thumb pin on the centre of the star shape. Now finish it off by pinning it on the top part of the tissue paper roll house.


You could decorate your white craft paper before wrapping it around the paper roll! Why not draw some shapes or if you are making this paper house for Valentine's Day you could draw hearts on it.

Before you start this craft you need the pentagon template to create a star pinwheel. Find it directly below:-

Star Pinwheel

You could even have a theme for these! How about doing some seasonal ones! I love St Patrick’s crafts for kids and could do a yellow and orange version, or even a orange and black one for Halloween. 

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Do you like this House Pinwheel Craft?

House Pinwheel Craft

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