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Zoo Animal Coloring Pages

My variety of easy zoo animal coloring pages will provide excitement for little kids who want to bring the fun and adventure of the zoo into their home!

zoo keeper coloring page

All children love visiting the zoological gardens and as well as coloring, so why not combine the two with these fun animal printables. 

Right now I only have 8 different ones for kids to complete but hopefully that will change in the future as I expand my collection. 

I will show you a small preview of each one below and then you can find the link to print them individually right at the bottom. This way you can decide if you want to print the entire pack or just some of the zoo animal coloring sheets. 

These can be used for school, preschool, Birthday parties or fun at home. Personally I always keep a selection of these in my craft drawer and I take them to coffee shops or restaurants to entertain the kids and give me some peace to enjoy my coffee or dinner!

They also present opportunities for fine motor skill and speech and language development.

Bear Coloring Page

My bear coloring page features Mummy or Daddy with baby bear. They are in the wild, which looks like a forest. Baby bear appears to be standing on a branch to give him a better view. What do you think they are looking for?

Are they looking for hunting opportunities. These are all great things to discuss with your child after they have finished their coloring. 

Kids might also want to trace the Bear word and then try and write it directly below for writing practice. He is one of my favorite easy zoo coloring pages for kids

bear coloring page

If you love this animal you might want to try some of my best bear crafts for kids

Elephant Coloring Page

One of the heaviest animals you may see at the zoo is an elephant. In this Zoo animal coloring picture the elephant looks very happy. Maybe he has just finished his dinner!! Little kids might want to color the sky bright blue and maybe add a hot sunshine peeking through those clouds. 

elephant coloring page

Why not try my Toilet Paper Roll Elephant craft after finishing your coloring in.

Giraffe Coloring Page

One of the tallest animals you will find in the zoo is the giraffe. They happen to be one of my kids favorites. They could watch them for hours.  Giraffes like to eat leaves from tall trees so why not encourage your children to draw some tall trees for the giraffe to pull branches from. 

giraffe coloring page

Hippo Coloring Page

This Mum and baby Hippo coloring page shows a happy pair who are maybe considering a bathe in the water. Did you know a baby hippo is called a calf, the same name as a baby cow!

hippo coloring page

Penguin Coloring Page

Penguins are one of my favorite artic animals. I love watching them getting fed at the zoo. This little guy is happily standing on a piece of ice, but at the zoo they normally spend lots of time in water.

I have lots of different penguin crafts to entertain little children who love this polar animal. Why not make my mosaic penguin craft with paper.

penguin coloring page

Monkey Coloring Page

Monkeys are so friendly and love to interact with humans when they visit the zoo. What’s the funniest thing you have seen a monkey doing? My children love watching them eating bananas and swinging from the trees. This pair of monkeys below love to be having a great time climbing up a tree. Maybe you might want to draw a banana for each of them to eat. 

monkey coloring page

If you like monkeys you should try out my adorable Monkey craft

Zebra Coloring Page

Have fun coloring this black and white zoo animal. This looks like a family of zebras, Daddy, Mummy and baby on a grass plain. They all look so happy to be together. 

zebra coloring page

Lion Coloring Page

My last zoo animal coloring page features this roarsome lion. I sure wish all lions looked as happy as this one. Maybe Mrs lion is watching her cub playing or else she sees some food in sight.  Pair this zoo animal coloring picture with my toilet paper roll lion craft for double the fun. 

lion coloring page

Please find my cute PDF Animal printables below:-

Zoo animals coloring pages

Little kids love zoo animal coloring pictures and will be asking you to find even more once they complete this set! The good news is that I do plan on doing lots more; the even better news is that these will all be free to print.

What other animals do you think you would commonly see at the zoo? How about some sea lions or flamingos? 

If you want to request some specific designs please use the comment button below and I will try and design a new coloring sheet just for you!

Hopefully I can have some more zoo pictures to colour very soon. 

Which of these Zoo Animal Coloring Pages is your Favorite?

Zoo Animal Coloring Pictures

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