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Easy Halloween Rock Painting Ideas

Painting and decorating pebbles is popular during the Summer months, but why not extend the fun into Fall with these easy Halloween rock painting ideas. 

pumpkin halloween rock painting idea

It is so fun to go gathering pebbles and small rocks at the beach, but what is even better is painting and decorating them afterwards. 

Halloween is full of pumpkin cheer, so there is no better design to put on your rock this year! Paint some pumpkin rocks and leave them beside your carved Jack O Lantern! 

Maybe you might personalize your rock with a message and hide it somewhere for someone else to find?!

Before I get started on this Halloween pumpkin rock painting I need to tell you about some of my other awesome pebble designs:-

Clown rock painting – you can also decorate rocks as clowns for Halloween, make them scary ones at that and give someone a real fright!

If you want something easier on the eye then go for these finger painted flowers on rocks

pumpkin halloween rock painting idea

Easy Halloween Rock Painting Ideas

These easy Halloween rock painting ideas include this pumpkin face


  • 1. Stones or small rocks.
  • 2. Paint.
  • 3. Paintbrush.
  • 4. Marker.
  • 5. Pencil.


Step 1:

Take a clean stone, and paint the whole stone using white paint.

Allow the paint to dry.

Step 2:

Now, use a pencil to draw a pumpkin shape on the stone. Then use a thin brush and black paint to draw over the outline.

You can also use a marker pen if you want to.

Step 3:

Fill in the outline using orange paint.

Again, allow the paint to dry down completely.

Step 4:

Use black paint again to draw the Jack-o'-lantern’s face on the stone.

Step 5:

Then draw a hat shape on the top of the pumpkin.

Step 6:

Use dark brown paint to fill in the hat, and some black paint to fill in the Jack-o'-lantern’s eyes and mouth.

Step 7:

Paint two white dots in the Jack-o'-lantern’s eyes to add a little detail.

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Why stop with a pumpkin when you can create all sort of Halloween rocks. 

You can copy the others from my picture below. 

Personally I found the ghost rock painting to be easy. I painted the stone gray, and did the outline with a black marker. I painted the inside white and after it had dried I added the mouth, eyes and eyebrows. 

With these Halloween rock painting ideas you just need to take your time and practice. These are not suitable for younger kids as they would not have the fine motor skills to complete the sketching and painting. I do know they would enjoy seeing Mom or Dad completing these.

Do you like these Easy Halloween Rock Painting Ideas?

Easy Halloween Rock Painting Ideas

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