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Easy Halloween Origami Instructions for Kids

Yeh one of my favorite holidays is coming so soon, and I absolutely adore preparing crafts in the lead up. My easy Halloween origami instructions are perfect for kids (and adults) of all ages!

People are always mesmerized by paper folding crafts and assume some of my creations are difficult, but here’s the thing they are easy when you know how! I have so many different Origami Halloween to suit different age groups. 

halloween origami kids

One of my most popular crafts is my folded paper fan…it took me 5 minutes to decorate it and 2 minutes to fold it and it is fabulous!

My easy origami for kids also include a paper fortune teller, which I adored when I was at school! All the cool kids have been making them for decades!

During Fall the weather is not so pleasant and I often find myself sitting folding paper in different ways to see what I can come up with! I decided to go on the hunt for some Halloween folded paper crafts to help me decorate my house and entertain my kids!

These are fabulous for decor, gifts for school friends, or to use as puppets for pretend play! Why not put on a Halloween show for little children when you have finished your creations. 

You can make lots of these and stick them onto the front of some cardstock and use them as a invitation to a Halloween party.

Why not thread some string through and made a banner of all the Halloween origami easy crafts you have completed. 

Before you start browsing my list from my top crafty friends please remember to stop by my entire list of Halloween crafts for kids

What do you need to complete these Origami Halloween Ideas

Normally with crafts you need lots of materials, but this is where origami differs as it requires very few materials (I think I love as crafting can be an extremely expensive hobby)

-Grab lots of different colored paper (of course you can use plain white paper and use coloring pencils to color it appropriately)

-Some markers are appropriate for adding facial expressions

Scissors for cutting

If you love doing crafts and my huge selection of easy Halloween origami ideas I am sure these are all things in your craft drawer already!

Halloween Origami for Kids

I love these Halloween origami ideas for kids this year! Try making some black cat origami or a ghost! How about a pumpkin or a bat.

After you make some of my great ideas below you may wonder what to do with it!! Personally, after completing any origami I take pictures but that’s just me!!

I experience a great sense of achievement too, and I am hoping all the kids that complete some of these suggestions get this feeling also. 

More Halloween Origami Ideas

If anyone has frankenstein origami Halloween please let me know and I can feature it here for you. Additionally I am also looking for some more Monster origami and some Zombies!

I recently seen some great skeleton origami and I will definitely be asking someone to help me make this to share with you all! 

People have also requested some origami Halloween decorations such as the pumpkins featured in my garland. I guess you could do this with any of my suggestions. Just make lots of them and turn them into a garland or banner!

A great idea for origami for children who want to turn their house spooky for a party with their friends!

I had to share this video of an Origami Bat. It actually looks like a cross between Batman and a bat animal. 

Get folding everyone and show me your creations from following my instructions of Halloween oragami. 

I hope you like these spooky origami Halloween ! I have lots more easy origami for kids including my origami Butterfly and my origami flower

If you are still looking for frightening crafts check out my toilet paper roll crafts for Halloween and my list of Monster crafts

Have you anymore ideas for Halloween Origami for Kids?

easy halloween origami for kids

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