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10+ Easy Spider Crafts

Easy spider crafts are perfect for dull Spring days, or even coming up to Halloween. Why not use some of these ideas to give someone a fright on Halloween night!

spider crafts for children

One of the creatures I see almost everyday, if not several times a day is a spider! My kids love chasing them around and keeping them in containers, so I knew I had to get a list of awesome easy Halloween spider crafts for them to do whenever there are no creepy crawlies to play with.

In fact my little girl decorated a small cardboard and made a playground for her ‘pet’ spiders. She said the cardboard box was when the spider wanted a rest and the playground was for it to have some fun.

She had lots of colored craft papers stuck together with pipe cleaners on top of the spider to climb over!! Little kids and their imaginations never fail to amuse me! 

These make great Halloween decor for your fancy dress party, plus they will not run away when chased! Remember Little Miss Muffet was scared and ran away from a spider! 

These 8 legged critters can be made from toilet paper rolls, egg cartons, pom poms and other commonly used craft supplies. 

Easy Spider Crafts

These easy spider crafts are perfect for creating lots of the 8 legged creepy crawly. Ideal for Spring or Halloween and an animal learning theme at anytime of the year.

Which is your favorite spider craft idea?! I like all of them and hopefully will have some more soon! Would you like a pop up spider card? This might be an awesome Happy Halloween card idea

Some people have also requested an easy spider drawing so I will have to add this to my to do list!

Do your kids like creepy crawlies in general? If so what others would you like me to make. I already have an awesome list of buzzing bee crafts and a a cute walnut ladybug

Have you any other Easy Spider Crafts that are not listed here?

Easy Spider Crafts for Kids

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