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Easy Origami Reindeer Instructions

My easy origami reindeer instructions will help you make a paper reindeer in time for Christmas Day!! Use these for fun or as an adorable decoration. 

easy origami reindeer

Reindeer Origami Intro

Everyone loves reindeers especially in December!! Previously I have made lots of easy reindeer crafts with my kids; my favorites being my clay pot reindeer and my reindeer pop up card for Christmas!! If your kids are anything like mine they will love these too! 

This year I decided to focus on more Christmas origami as I know all my readers thoroughly enjoyed my Halloween offerings! I already made a cute Santa origami and a beautiful 5 pointed star craft. I knew the deer origami would be more tricky so I recommend this one for older kids and adults too of course! 

How to Make Origami Reindeer

Like most origami crafts you only need a few craft materials to complete your folded paper reindeer. 

Craft Supplies
Colored craft papers
Craft glue
A pair of scissors

Step by Step Reindeer Origami Instructions

Step 1:

Select brown colored craft paper for the origami reindeer craft. You’ll need white or cream and red colored craft papers as well. Prepare 2 square sheets (10cm x 10cm) from the brown paper.
Step 2:
Take any one of the sheets and fold the square paper diagonally in half.
step by step origami reindeer
Step 3:
Fold the triangle pattern in half, symmetrically; and then unfold.
Step 4:
Hold the top corner and bring it to the bottom edge of the pattern.
diy origami reindeer for kids
Step 5:
Fold up the right bottom corner along the inner edge of the last fold.
easy origami reindeer for kids
Step 6:
Similarly, fold the opposite left side.
simple origami reindeer for kids
Step 7:
Fold the right top-open edge along the right inner edge.
how to do you make a reindeer by folding paper
Step 8:
Similarly, fold the left side. These right and left parts will be the horns of the origami reindeer.
origami deer procedure
Step 9:
Fold out the right horn to somewhat 45 degree.
origami deer horns
Step 10:
Now, keeping the last fold intact, fold the top part to 45 degree inwards.
origami reindeer horns
Step 11:
Similarly, fold the left horn.
diy reindeer horns
Step 12:
Turn the origami head pattern to the other side as this is the origami reindeer head with horns now complete.
Step 13:
Now we will start to fold paper to make the reindeer body.
Take the other square paper. Fold the square paper in half diagonally along both sides. Unfold the half-diagonal folds.
origami reindeer body
Step 14:
Fold the square sheet along any diagonal fold again.
Step 15:
Hold the top corner of the top layer and fold it to the opposite side. Bring the top corner slightly (1cm) outside the opposite side.
origami reindeer body step by step
Step 16:
Fold in the bottom right side and join the corner to the middle crease of the current pattern.
step by step folded paper reindeer craft
Step 17:
Similarly, fold in the left side.
Step 18:
Turn the current pattern to the other side and it should look as below.
reindeer christmas origami
Step 19:
Fold the top corner all the way to the opposite side. Unfold; this will leave a crease.
how to make reindeer origami for christmas
Step 20:
Fold and bring the corner to the last crease.
easy origami deer instructions
Step 21:
Fold that side along the crease formed in step 19.
easy origami deer tutorial
Step 22:
Fold the whole pattern in half, symmetrically.
paper reindeer body origami
Step 23:
Use sharpie to fill the horn parts with dark brown shade, add a small red nose to the head pattern. Glue a white paper cut-out on the front side of the origami body base part. Use sharpie to draw the eyes too.
Step 24:
Join the origami head to the origami body to complete.
easy reindeer origami instructions for kids
How long did it take you to complete these easy origami reindeer instructions? What will you do with yours? Maybe you might give yours a name.
Why not make a small hole, thread through some string and hang yours on the Christmas tree! I already have a paper reindeer ornament and this one would look good beside it! 
If you want more fun, but something less strenuous then why not try some of my cute reindeer coloring pages

Will you make this Reindeer Origami?

Easy Origami Reindeer Instructions

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