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Easy Santa Origami Instructions

Folded paper crafts are fun at anytime of the year but my kids absolutely love making my easy Santa origami!! They use him as a decor for their bedroom and also as a puppet!!

santa origami for kids

Santa Claus has got to be the most talked about person in December. Not an hour goes by without a mention of him in my house!

We actually made lots of Santa Claus crafts this year including my rocking Santa puppet and my Santa pop up card both shown below:-

rocking santa claus craft with paper

santa christmas pop up card










Cute Origami Santa Claus

I do believe my children would do Santa art and crafts constantly in the lead up to December 25th! My youngest enjoys completing Santa Claus coloring pages whilst my oldest recently learnt how to draw Santa sleigh

As I love doing activities that involve with few craft supplies I thought I would experiment with a folded origami Santa craft below. 

This was a major hit with both my children. The only thing is now they want me to do some reindeer origami too (I still have not managed to complete this).

Please enjoy following my Santa Claus origami instructions for kids with images below. Some of the initial stages will be able to completed by little kids, but the later stages will need help from Mom.

Children will enjoy completing this easy origami Santa Claus by adding some googly eyes, a nose and a smile. 

santa origami for kids

Easy Santa Origami Instructions

Yield: 1

These easy Santa origami instructions will help Mum and kids make a folded paper Santa Claus.


  • Origami craft papers.
  • Glue.
  • Googly eyes.
  • Marker pens.
  • Ruler.


Step 1:

To get started with this craft you need origami craft paper.

One side of the craft paper should be red and the other side should be white.

Step 2:

Fold the paper diagonally in half horizontally.

how to make Santa by folding paper

Step 3:

Now, open the fold and fold it again similarly but this time fold it vertically. You can see the white on the other side.

origami santa tutorial

Step 4:

Open up the fold.

easy santa origami step by step

Step 5:

Next, fold the right edge of the flap just beyond the vertical crease.

santa christmas origami instructions

Step 6;

Do the same on the other side as well.

how to do santa origami

Step 7:

Bring the pointed part upwards and fold it in half. It almost looks like a hat as you can see below.

origami santa claus step by step

Step 8:

Flip the model over

Step 9:

Take the pointed part and bring it downwards and fold it.

santa folded paper craft

Step 10:

Now, make another horizontal fold.

Step 11:

Flip it over again.

Step 12:

Bring the right flap from the back on the front.

easy Santa origami instructions

Step 13:

Similarly, bring the left flap on the front as well.

easy Christmas origami tutorial

Step 14:

Flip it over and your Santa is ready. Now all you need to do is glue the eyes and draw the mouth. 

easy Santa origami procedure

Still looking for Christmas craft ideas for children? I have lots of fun Elf crafts and Reindeer crafts for them to enjoy. 

I love experimenting with origami instructions for my kids. Some is much easier than others. If you want to have fun with folded paper crafts for you and the kids please feel free to try some of my other great ideas:-

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In the future I do plan on following more easy Christmas origami instructions to help me make Santa’s hat, reindeers, Christmas trees and an angel. 

Were you able to follow my Easy Santa Origami Instructions?

Easy Santa Origami Instructions

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