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How to make Easy Poinsettia Origami Flowers

My easy poinsettia origami flowers are a super Christmas paper craft for kids! Why not use them as a beautiful centrepiece for your table this Christmas Day! 

poinsettia origami flowers

Here at Easy Crafts for Kids we absolutely adore easy flower crafts all year long! They are so pretty to make and look awesome scattered around your house or alternatively they make a great gift! 

We also love origami, especially origami flowers! Just check out our origami tulip and origami sunflower if you want to make flowers for other times of the year. 

This year my kids said they would like to make paper Christmas flowers! That’s what they call Poinsettia!! So I got my crafting brain together and make some origami poinsettia in only 17 steps!!

Find my easy to follow tutorial with images below so that you and your kids can do the same!!

How to DIY Origami Poinsettia

For this craft like most of my easy origami craft instructions you only need a few materials

Origami Craft Supplies

  • Colored craft papers
  • Pencil
  • Craft glue
  • A pair of scissors

Step by Step Poinsettia Origami

Step 1:
Select different red, green and yellow colored craft papers for the origami poinsettia craft.
Prepare a piece of green square paper (10cm x 10cm).
Step 2:
Fold the square paper diagonally in half.
Step 3:
Unfold the last fold (the diagonal fold).
diy poinsettia origami flowers
Step 4:
Hold a corner (on any one side of the diagonal half crease) and join it with the half crease.
step by step poinsettia origami flowers
Step 5:
Fold the open edge of the last folded corner and align it with the diagonal half crease again.
origami poinsettia instructions
Step 6:
Similarly, fold the opposite side of the half crease.
folded paper poinsettia craft
Step 7:
Fold any one side of the current pattern along the yellow marked line shown in the picture of this step.
Step 8:
Again, fold the current pattern by joining the 2 yellow lines.
easy poinsettia craft
Step 9:
The current pattern should look like a flat V (upside down).
Now, fold the current pattern by joining the 2 yellow lines as shown in this picture.
Step 10:
The current pattern should look like a V now.
origami christmas poinsettia craft
Step 11:
Craft 3 green origami leaf patterns, similarly.
Step 12:
Follow the same process to craft 3 red origami petal patterns (use 8cm x 8cm sheets for each
origami petals for poinsettia
Step 13:
Prepare a piece of round shape from yellow paper and cut a spiral from its outer edge and towards the center.
how to make origami flower poinsettia
Step 14:
Coil the spiral from its outer edge and coil it all the way to the center. Use glue to secure the coiled spiral.
diy origami flower parts
Step 15:
Prepare a piece of square paper to use it as a base for the poinsettia flower. Apply glue on the top surface of the base cut-out.
origami poinsettia step by step
Step 16:
Attach the origami leaf patterns on the glued paper side by side.
Step 17:
Now take an origami petal pattern and join it on the top (center) of the leaf patterns.
how to fold paper to make poinsettia step by step
Step 18:
Join all 3 origami petals one by one.
paper poinsettia craft
Step 19:
Attach the yellow spiral pattern in the center of the petals to complete the poinsettia origami flowers. 
diy poinsettia craft

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What will you do with your Poinsettia Origami Flowers?

christmas origami poinsettia flowers

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