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How to Make a Origami Christmas Bell

Learn how to make a Origami Christmas bell for kids! This is such an adorable Christmas tree decoration that can be made in less than 30 minutes.
bell christmas origami
Grab some paper and get folding to make some beautiful Christmas origami. Previously we have made Origami Poinsettia and Origami reindeers, now it is time for some paper Christmas bells!
This folded paper craft is much simpler than some of my others so will be suitable for kids as young as 7 or 8 (with an adults help of course).

How to Make an Origami Bell for Christmas time

Collect the few materials you need and set aside less than half an hour to craft this folded paper Christmas bell. 

Craft Materials
Colored craft papers
Craft glue
A pair of scissors

Step by Step Christmas Origami Bell Instructions

Step 1:
Select red, green and yellow colored craft papers for the origami bell craft. Prepare a piece of yellow square paper (10cm x 10cm).
Step 2:
Fold the square paper in half vertically and horizontally and then unfold the paper. You should see creases as below. 
how to make Christmas origami bells
Step 3:
Make a small (1cm or 1.5cm) fold along any one side of the square paper.
easy Christmas bell craft
Step 4:
Turn the paper to the other side.
Step 5:
Hold a corner of the intact side (opposite to the thin folded side). Fold the corner inside and join it to the center of the square paper (intersected point of the vertical and horizontal half folds).
easy Christmas origami bell
Step 6:
Similarly, fold the other corner inside.
Step 7:
Fold the current pattern in half. This will leave the pointy edge slightly outside the pattern layout.
Bell origami craft
Step 8:
Fold in the right side of the current pattern along the middle line, but make it slightly diagonal.
diy paper christmas bell
Step 9:
Similarly, fold the left side of the current pattern inside.
how to fold a paper bell
Step 10:
Fold 1cm part of the top left corner inside.
simple origami christmas bell
Step 11:
Fold 1cm part of the top right corner inside, in the same way as you did with the top left corner above. 
Step 12:
Prepare cherry and leaf patterns from red and green colored craft papers. You can also prepare bow patterns.
cute christmas origami bell tutorial for kids
Step 13:
Attach the cherry and leaf cut-outs together before attaching them to the bell origami pattern. Use sharpies to draw outlines on the cherry and leaf pattern.
christmas origami bell tutorial for kids
Step 14:
Attach the cherry-leaf pattern to the origami bell pattern to complete the craft.
quick christmas origami bell process
Like some of my other cute Christmas origami ideas you can turn this into a Christmas tree decoration by adding some string.
You can also make lots of these and connect them to make a pretty garland for your mantelpiece. If you like Christmas decor crafts and making your own ornaments you might also enjoy making my Ballerina ornament or my much simpler Candy cane beaded ornaments.
My favorite thing to do with these cute bells though is to turn them into a gift tag for Christmas presents! I also have some DIY candy cane gift holders for you to make also!

What will you do with your Origami Christmas Bell?

DIY Christmas Origami Bell

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