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Naughtiest Elf Crafts for Kids to Make!

December is for crafting and these easy elf crafts are right up there with lots of my other great Christmas crafts this year. 

christmas elf crafts for kids

DIY Elf Crafts for Kids

Who does not love Santa’s little helpers, the elves?! After all they are the ones responsible for ensuring Santa’s sleigh is properly loaded with gifts! 

Elves are also reknown for being naughty and doing all sorts of sneaky tricks. Fortunately the ones we are making do not move around and cannot cause mischief! 

I have lots of great ideas on different ways to make elves! You can make them from paper, toilet paper rolls, paper plates, popsicle sticks and lots of other craft materials.

I will be constantly adding to my list as I do more crafting. Some of the best elf crafts below are from my favorite craft bloggers online.

These are just a few of my great Christmas crafts for kids

Want more fun?! Then why not learn how to draw a elf easy

Easy Elf Crafts for Christmas

These easy elf crafts for Christmas help kids make elves using lots of different craft materials.

Can you think of some other ways to make an elf? What materials would you use? 

These can be used as Christmas decor, tree ornaments, for Christmas gifts and even pretend play.  Why not combine them with some of my fun reindeer crafts for kids for extra fun. 

How many of these Easy Elf Crafts will you Make?

Easy Elf Crafts for Christmas

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