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Elsa Valentine Pop Up Cards – Make a Elsa 3D Heart Pop Up Card

It’s almost February so there is no better time to make your own Elsa Valentine Pop Up Cards! These are a must for Frozen fans! This 3D Heart pop up card features Elsa from Frozen! It comes with a free printable template and instructions so that you can send a Frozen fan some love this Valentine’s Day!

Elsa Heart Pop Up Card


You can buy your own Valentine cards but why do this when you can make your own! When you DIY you get full control of what you put on your card.

Previously I have made some Valentine paper crafts that can be stuck onto cardstock and turned into greeting cards. You can see some examples below.

Easy gnome Craft

koala craft for kids


If you want a complete card craft as opposed to sticking on some designs you can try my DIY Pop up card for February 14th.

I decided to make this as my Snowman 3D Pop Up Card was such a hit with all my Christmas readers.

I know lots of little girls love my list of Frozen crafts so I am guessing they will adore this Elsa card craft! 

Fortunately my free printable template and step by step craft instructions below will help you complete this 3D Pop Up Valentine Card. 

I have made paper snowflakes before so you can check out how I did it before you start into your Elsa 3D Heart pop up Card

If you love heart crafts you are sure to love my easy origami love hearts and my love heart pop up card

Elsa Heart Pop Up Card

Elsa Valentine Pop Up Cards

Yield: 1

This Elsa Valentine Pop Up Card is the perfect craft for little girls to do this Valentine's Day


  • 1. Craft papers.
  • 2. Card-stock papers.
  • 3. Pencil.
  • 4. Ruler.
  • 5. Scissors.
  • 6. Glue.
  • 7. Glitter.


Step 1:

Cut out the snowflakes from the free PDF templates.

Step 2:

Arrange where you want your snowflakes on the card.

Then glue them to the selected areas. You can add glitter to your snowflakes with some glitter glue or a glitter pen to make them sparkle.


Step 3:

Now use the PDF template again to cut out four heart shapes.

Fold the heart shapes in half.

Valentine heart pop up card craft procedure

Step 4:

Apply glue on the vertical crease (middle of the heart shape).

Step 5:

Then glue another folded heart shape over the glue.

Step 6:

Similarly, glue rest of the heart shapes one over another.

This will create a 3D look.

Elsa Process

Step 8:

Cut out the pieces to make Elsa using the PDF templates.

Step 9:

First, Glue the hands with the sleeves.

Now, glue the dress with the cape.

Then, glue the long hair on the back of the head.

Step 9:

Glue the hands on the body, and the front hair on top of the head.

Step 10:

Then glue the dress over the body.

Step 11:

Glue the Elsa doll on the card, and use sharpies to draw her face.

Elsa Valentine card craft

Final Step:

Cut out the “Happy valentine’s Day” quote from the template and glue it on the cover of the card.

Will you give these Elsa Valentines Pop up Cards to some of your friends or your Mom or Dad! Perhaps you will keep them for yourself.

Of course you can change the personalized greeting on the front and make this into a Birthday card or even a Mother’s Day card.

Please check out my other great Easy Valentine crafts including mailboxes, edible crafts, paper crafts, pencil toppers and more!

Before you start your beautiful Pop Up Valentine Card, you need to print off 2 free templates one for the Elsa paper craft and one for the heart and snowflakes.

Elsa Template for Valentine Pop Up Card

Elsa card with heart and snowflake template

Do you like these Elsa Valentine Pop Up Cards?


Elsa Valentine Pop Up Cards

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