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Fairy Wand Craft for Kids

Dress up and make believe are great! Use this fairy wand craft for kids to make your own. Become a beautiful, magical fairy for a day or two!


Look for our fairy wings too, then you have the whole costume. 

You can also make this in miniature for a teddy bear, or a Barbie doll! We all know how little girls love to dress up and play pretend.

I actually think you can use this particular wand at anytime of the year, i.e Halloween for fancy dress and during New Year celebrations also. 

DIY Fairy Wand Craft for Kids

Filled with crafty magic, this is a great fairy craft for kids to promote make believe and acting! Make one for you and your favourite teddy bear.

Craft Supplies:
  • Pipe cleaners (various colors, sparkly if you have them)
  • Popsicle stick
  • Craft foam
  • Glitter paint
  • Glue

Step #1:

Bend a few pipe cleaners together to make a cross shape, add a few more to make more points.

Step #2:

Bend a gold pipe cleaner into a smaller star shape.

You will want this to fit nicely between the step #1 cross shape.

Step #3:

Cut a star out of white craft foam. Make this start around the same size as your gold pipe cleaner start. 

Paint it with glitter glue.

Set it aside to dry.

Step #4:

Twirl each end of your original cross.

Step #5:

Glue the gold pipe cleaner start into the center of the other pipe cleaners.

Step #6

Once your glitter paint is dry, glue the white (sparkly) star to the center of the gold star. 

Step #7

Lastly, glue the popsicle stick to the back of the wand topper. 

Transform yourself magically into a fairy with this beautiful little wand!

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Decorate a paper cup with a bunch of fun colors. 

Cut out a small doorway and set it out for a fairy to move into!

Share your fairy houses, gardens, etc with us… they are so adorable!

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Fairy wand craft

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