Cowboy Kids Crafts

These cowboy kids crafts will make sure you are offical when you dress up as the town Sheriff. Every town needs a sheriff, especially to defend against the bad guys. 

It is fun to get your friends together and play pretend.

You can be cowboys and defeat the bad guys. Cowboys need a few important things - a trusty sidekick horse, a badge (if your sheriff), a hat and a weapon. We will show you how to craft each of these.

Before getting to play pretend, you can craft your costumes!

It's two activities in one!

Sheriff's Badge

Let's start by making your Sheriff's badge...

Craft Supplies:

Step #1:

Use the template we provided to create the shape for your badge.

Trace the template over the cardboard and cut out your badge.

Step #2:

Paint the badge with your yellow paint. Allow it to dry.

Once dry, print "Sheriff" on the center with a black marker.

Paint over the badge with your gold sparkle paint.

Step #3:

While your badge dries, cut out a strip of paper. (Use the scrap from your badge shape template you printed)

Place glue on either side. Be sure to leave a space in the middle.

Step #4:

Glue the strip of paper on the back of your badge.

Make sure it is in the center and facing the same way as your "Sheriff" label on the front.

Step #5:

Slide the bobby pin over this strip of paper.

This will allow you to place the badge onto your shirt.

You can also use a pin, just be careful not to poke yourself because they are sharp. 

Appoint the new Sheriff in town and provide them with their badge of authority!

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Getting creative and crafting your very own costume is a great way to keep the young mind active. These cowboy kids crafts will give you hours of fun even after you have finished creating them!

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