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How to Draw an Elf Step by Step

My kids love Christmas themed drawing and one of their favorite things to do is to follow my elf drawing tutorial. Here I show them and you how to draw an elf step by step as easily as possible. 

how to draw an elf step by step

Easy Elf Drawing

My kids start talking about Elf on the Shelf just before Halloween, and start buying new elves as soon as they hit the shops! If you love elves as much as we do, you might want to try some of my easy elf crafts. Right now we especially love my clay pot elf which makes a great gift as well as an adorable piece of home decor!

My elf drawing tutorial is probably suited to kids aged 10 and upwards. I have made it as simple as possible by breaking it down into basic steps. Younger kids can complete this with Mum’s help! I have added lots of images to guide you also. 

Below you can find my Step by Step Christmas Elf drawing process, complete with images. He is one of my favorite easy Christmas drawing ideas for kids.

How to Draw an Elf Step by Step Instructions

Materials Needed

  1. Sketch book. 
  2. Pencils (HB,2B). 
  3. Eraser. 
  4. Ruler. 
  5. Color pencils or crayons. 

Step by Step Elf Drawing

Steps 1-2-3-4: 

To start drawing your elf, you need to start off with a basic circle shape. This circle will determine the size of your elf’s head.  

First draw to semi circles on the two sides of the circle, then make the upper ends pointed to draw the elf’s ears.

Erase the top half of the circular shape.

Connect the two ends of the erase circular shape using a horizontal line.

how do you draw a easy elf

Steps 5-6-7-8:

Draw a round edged rectangular shape on the top. This will be the bottom borders of our elf’s hat.

Draw a wide “V” shaped curved line from the left side of the rectangular shape over the rectangular shape. 

Then, draw a small “V” shape from the right side of the rectangular shape and join the ends with the previous line. 

Draw a circle on the joined area.  

how do you draw an elf easily

Steps 9-10-11-12:

Draw three wavy lines to draw the elf’s hair. 

Draw two teardrop like shapes inside the ears. 

Draw two slightly curved horizontal lines below the hair. 

Then draw two upside down “U” shapes over the curved lines 

easy elf drawing for kids

Steps 13-14-15-16:

Draw two circles inside the u shapes.

Fill in the circles using the pencil.

Draw an “U” shaped nose for the elf.

Then draw the lips using a curved shape.

step by step christmas drawing elf

Steps 17-18-19-20:

Draw a 6 pointed star shape like collar below the elf’s head.

Draw a “T” shaped shirt below the collar. (Keep 1 centimetre gap from the collar and draw a square shape, then, erase the top of the square shape and draw the sleeves). 

Draw a thin rectangular shape at the bottom of the shirt.  

Then draw a zigzag shape slightly below the rectangular shape and join the two ends using vertical lines with the thin rectangular shape. 

how to draw an elf realistic

Steps 21-22-23-24:

Draw two extended diagonal lines from the elf’s each sleeves.

Then, draw two rounded mittens at the ends of the diagonal lines. 

Similarly, draw four extended vertical lines from the bottom of the elf’s shirt. 

Draw the shoes at the end of the vertical lines.

elf drawing ideas

Steps 25-26-27-28:

Color the elf’s hat and shirt using a bright green color. 

Then color the border of the beanie using dark green.

Color the collar using red, and draw red stripes of the sleeves and leggings, 

Color the elf’s hair using brown.

how to draw an elf in color

Steps 29-30-31-32:

Color the mittens and belt using black color.

Color the belt buckle using yellow, and color the shoes using dark brown color.

Select a beige peach color to fill in the face. 

Use blue to color rest of the eyes to complete your elf drawing. 

simple elf drawing for kids

What will you do with your easy Elf Drawing?

Now that you have completed your easy elf drawing, will you post it proudly on the wall?

Maybe you might stick it on to the front of some cardstock and make it into a cute Christmas card!! My kids love making their own Christmas cards, for reference their favorite one is this reindeer pop up card

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Will you Try and Draw an Elf Step by Step?

How to draw an elf step by step

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