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Christmas Paper Crafts for Kids of All Ages

December is coming so grab some construction paper and enjoy my fabulous Christmas paper crafts for kids of all ages! We can make handprints, wreaths, Christmas cards, Christmas tree decorations, posters and lots more! 

easy Christmas paper crafts

Easy Christmas Paper Crafts for Kids

So what can you make with paper?! Basically anything you like! Just grab some glue, scissors and some basic craft materials and get ready to have some fun with your kids no matter how young or old they are!!

I plan to break this post into different sections to make it easier to find what you are looking for! I will have something for all age groups so that no children have to miss out on Christmas crafting fun! 

Choose from toddler, preschool and older kids craft ideas. I will have easy handprints, pop up cards, bookmarks, paper ornaments and Christmas origami!

Christmas Paper Crafts for Toddlers

Anyone with a 2 or 3 year old can make some pretty Christmas paper crafts! With this age group we are mainly focusing on handprint crafts. These make great keepsakes and are an excellent way to get your littles interested in crafting!

So what Christmas handprints can I share with you?! 

Handprint Wreath for Toddlers to Make                                                           Handprint Angel

christmas angel craft







Christmas Paper Crafts for Preschool Kids

Three and four year olds are at that age when they get really excited about Christmas crafts! Another cute angel craft in the form of a cone is one of my most recommended paper crafts for this age group.

Make Santa rock from side to side with an easy tutorial and finally use some colored craft papers to make an elf and his shoe! 

Paper Cone Angel

Rocking Santa Craft

Elf Shoe Craft

Angel paper cone craft for Christmas



rocking santa claus craft for kids







Below you will find some fabulous ideas for Christmas paper crafts for kids aged 5 -10

DIY Christmas Pop Up Cards for All Ages

One of my favorite things to do with paper is make pop up cards! My Christmas selection is absolutely adorable. Kids of all ages can make these with Mum or Dad’s help! The hardest decision will be which one will you pick to make!

You can make all of them if you like. They all come with free printable templates which simplifies the process. 

Reindeer Pop up Card

Christmas Tree Pop up Card

diy reindeer pop up card

diy pop up card with christmas tree








Christmas Bookmark Ideas for Kids to Make

Christmas crafts for 6, 7, 8 and 9 year olds come no better than these adorable bookmarks! These also make great gifts or Christmas crafts to sell! Most of them can be made in around 20 minutes using printable templates and instructions! 

Gingerbread Bookmark

Nutcracker Bookmark

gingerbread man christmas bookmark craft

nutcracker christmas bookmark craft








Christmas Crafts Older Kids Can Make with Paper

You can craft at any age you like but I feel the paper crafts below are better suited to kids older than 10 years old. Most of these are Christmas origami, which helps us make pretty decorations for our home at this time of the year! These Christmas paper crafts have more detailed instructions hence why they are suited to older children.

Please let me know what is your favorite between Origami Reindeer and Origami Poinsettia

easy origami reindeer

poinsettia origami flowers







How about my origami star and my origami Santa Claus! How cute are these?!

5-Pointed Origami Star






More Christmas Activities and Craft Ideas

Still want more Christmas fun your your household?! After all we do spend lots of time indoors as it is so cold outside! How about some cute penguin coloring pages or my elf drawing tutorial

Which of these Christmas Paper Crafts will you do?

christmas paper crafts for kids

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