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Monkey Craft with Toilet Paper Roll

All kids adore animals and my monkey craft with toilet paper roll is very easy and is good for recycling paper rolls!

paper roll monkey

Children love seeing zoo animals up close and personal, with monkeys being one of their favorites.

They love watching them swinging from branch to branch and eating bananas.

Kids have much love for the monkey species that’s for sure. My Monkey pencil topper is extremely popular with boys and girls.

This paper roll Monkey will keep children happy in between visits to their local zoological gardens! He is one of my more simple toilet paper roll craft ideas for younger kids

While he cannot eat or play he still looks the part and will make a good puppet for story time and pretend play. 

paper roll monkey

Monkey Craft with Toilet Paper Roll

This monkey craft with toilet paper roll is ideal for kids who love animals and like environmentally friendly crafts!


  • Toilet Paper Roll.
  • Colourful craft paper in brown and beige
  • Safety Scissors
  • Craft Glue
  • Pencil for drawing fine lines
  • Ruler
  • Orange, brown and black marker pens


Before beginning this craft with toilet paper roll I recommend you ensure all your supplies are at hand and that you have printed off your monkey template (which can be found at the bottom of this post).

Step 1:

Use the printed PDF templates to cut out the pieces for the Monkey craft with toilet paper roll.

Step 2:

Now, follow the numbers on the instructions and the numbers on the templates to glue the pieces together.

First, glue the monkey’s face on it’s head (piece number: 1 and 2).

Now, glue the palms with the hands. (piece number “3 and “5 and 6”)

monkey easy toilet paper crafts step by step

Step 3:

For this step, take both ears of the monkey (piece number: 7 and 8) glue them on the top side of the monkey’s head.

Step 4:

Draw eyes on 2 circular white papers. Then glue them on the monkey’s face.

monkey toilet paper roll craft procedure

Step 5:

Now, cut out a brown piece of paper according to the circumference and the height of the paper roll.

Use the brown paper to wrap around the roll and secure it with glue.

Step 6:

Now, take the monkey’s arms and glue them on the paper roll. Allow the glue to dry.

Step 7:

Then, take the monkey's head and glue it on the top of the paper roll.

Step 8:

Now glue the tail on the back of the toilet paper roll.

Step 9:

You can end making the monkey here, but if you want to add one more detail take the piece number 10 and glue beneath the hands of the monkey on the monkey’s belly.

Before you go you will need to print out your template! Tissue paper Roll Monkey

After you make this friendly guy why not make my lion craft with toilet paper roll to keep him company! In fact you can make lots of my paper plate animals and have your own pretend zoo!

Do you like this Monkey Craft with Toilet Paper Roll?

Monkey Craft with Toilet Paper Roll


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