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Pirate Alphabet Puzzles

I love learning activities for kids and these pirate alphabet puzzles are right up there among some of my favorites. These are awesome for home schooling. 

I would recommend these for kids aged 4 and upwards! We have several alphabet puzzles in our house that keep the kids entertained. My almost 5 year old daughter is pretty good at putting them together while my 3 year old loses interest quickly.

The good news is that this pirate puzzle will be right up his street as he loves pirates (dinosaurs are his all time favorite) so I know this will hold his attention.

He loves my pirate color by number although admittedly he cannot follow the numbers or patterns as well as his older sister, but the good news is that he is learning and I think he is coming on really well! 

I love introducing preschool crafts and activities at a young age because there is no age cap on learning!

How to use Alphabet Puzzles to Help Kids Learn their letters

You can ask them to repeat each letter after you

How about asking them to repeat the entire alphabet after completing their puzzle.

You could also ask them what they can see in the puzzle and what letter these things begin with!

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Before you go remember to collect my free printable

Pirate Alphabet Puzzles

When you print the two puzzles out, one in lower case letter and one in uppercase letters, you need to cut along the dotted lines to separate into individual letter pieces. 

Then you need to show your child a picture of the completed jigsaw and ask them to do it for you. 

Younger kids will need some help and assistance while others will find it easier, especially after doing it several times. 

Do you like these Pirate Alphabet Puzzles for Kids?

Pirate Alphabet Puzzles

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