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Cute Crab Craft – How to Make a Crab From Paper

Now that beach days are upon us my kids and I are doing lots of different sea themed crafts! One of our latest is our paper crab craft! These crab crafts can also be used for decoration purposes, adding a playful touch to any ocean-themed room or event. Find out how to make paper crab below.

crab craft with paper and scissors

Crab Paper Craft

Summer days are great for spending time in the sun getting our daily dose of Vitamin D and some fresh air too. However on those really hot days you might want to go indoors to save your kids skin from sunburn.

The last thing you want to do on a hot day is let your kids sit in front of the TV so why not teach them about sea life instead. 

We have lots of great ideas here on Easy Crafts for Kids, in my list of ocean crafts for children.

Some of our favorites are my toilet paper roll crab and my easy paper seahorse 

Enjoy my jellyfish crafts too for more sea creature fun!

This beach craft involves making two crabs in the sand together.  We decided to make a pair of crabs because let us face it everyone wants some company! Even my seashells are coupled up in my easy seashell craft with googly eyes

Find out how to make a pair of crabs from paper using my step by step craft tutorial. 

paper crab craft process

Paper Crab Craft

Yield: 1

My easy Paper crab craft is perfect for those hot Summer days when you want a break indoors!


  • 1. Colored craft papers
  • 2. Craft glue
  • 3. Pencil
  • 4. Sharpie
  • 5. Scissors


Step 1:

Select 2 different shades of orange colored craft papers for the crab papercraft.

Trace the body base (shell) on an orange paper and trace the rest of the body parts (crawling legs and claws) on the other shade of the orange colored paper.

Trace and cut out the small round shape on pink paper and cut out the eyes from the template.

Cut out all the traced patterns.

crab craft procedure

Step 2:

Attach the claw cutouts on both sides of the body base cutout.

Step 3:

Grab the big crawling legs and attach them on both sides of the body base but keep them near the claws.

Step 4:

Attach the rest of the crawling legs on both sides, keeping 2 sets of 3 crawling legs on both sides along the bottom side of the body base.

how to make a crab from paper

Step 5:

Attach the blush cutouts near the left and right side of the body base pattern.

Attach the eye cutouts on the extra round parts of the body base. Use a sharpie to draw the mouth of the papercraft crab.

crab paper craft step by step

I told my kids to call their crabs Bill and Ben, but I am not sure they liked that idea!! What would you call yours? 

Would you cut around yours and stick a popsicle stick on the end to make them into puppets?

You might want to stick yours onto a piece of blue cardstock alongside some of my other Summer beach crafts and make a pretty picture or even a Wish you Were Here postcard for a friend back home.

Before you go please remember to print off your free PDF template to complete this craft

Crab Craft Template

Do you like this Paper Crab Craft?

Paper crab craft for kids

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