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Fish and Seahorse Paper Plate Craft with Rolling Wave

Summer crafts for kids are huge fun when they have moving parts like my paper plate craft with rolling wave!

aquatic paper plate craft with seahorse and fish

Long hot Summer days are best spent near the sea or a swimming pool. One of my most favorite things as a child was standing at the edge of the sea water watching the waves crashing in!

My kids absolutely love the waves chasing them as they run back to shore! They also love sea creatures especially star fish! We have tons of easy Starfish crafts on this site but this is my first activity involving waves!

I love my paper plate crafts for kids especially this Summer theme one with rolling wave! I have added some fish, starfishes, seahorse and some algae to mine. You can add whatever you like and of course change the colors too if you wish.

There is a popsicle stick at the back of the paper plate which helps you move the wave up and down! Such a fun idea for kids! 


aquatic paper plate craft with seahorse and fish

Fish and Seahorse Paper Plate Craft with Rolling Waves

This aquatic activity features a fish and seahorse paper plate craft with rolling waves.


  • 1. Colourful craft papers.
  • 2. Pencil.
  • 3. Ruler.
  • 4. Scissors.
  • 5. Glue.
  • 6. Marker pens.
  • 7. Paper plates.


Step 1:
Collect all the listed supplies and print out the templates.
First, use template 1 to cut out the pieces for the seahorse.

how to make a sea paper plate craft with fish and seahorse

Step 2:
Now, glue the seahorse’s coronet on the back of the body.

Step 3:
Then, glue the pectoral fin on the top side of the seahorse’s head.
Take the keel and glue it on the middle part of the seahorse’s body.

Step 4:
Then glue the eye on top.

Step 5:
Take 2 paper plates.

Step 6:
Cut out 3 inches from one of the paper plate’s border

sea paper plate craft procedure

Step 7:
Now take the second paper plate and cut out the middle part of the plate only leaving the border.

Step 8:
Paint the cutout paper plate frame using a colour of your choice. I've gone for a vibrant orange color.

easy ocean paper plate craft procedure

Step 9:

Cut out the waves of the ocean using template 2 and glue them together.

Step 10:
Attach a popsicle stick on one side of the waves.

Step 11:
Place the waves inside the first paper plate and then cover it with the second paper plate frame.
Use a stapler to join the plates together.
Decorate the ocean using the terms from template 1.

Step 12:
Now finally, place the seahorse and goldfish inside.

Doesn’t this make a nice aquatic picture? You can leave it on your window sill and admire it or you can use it for pretend play.

Why not encourage your kids to tell a story involving all the creatures and ask them to roll the waves using the popsicle stick as if it is a stormy day. 

You can also ask kids about what other creatures might live in the sea and what they like about it, i.e swimming or surfing in the sea water. 

In order to complete this aquatic craft for kids you will need my 2 free printable templates

Seahorse and fish template

Waves template

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Do you like this Fish and Seahorse Paper Plate Craft with Rolling Waves?

Fish and Seahorse Paper Plate Craft with Rolling Waves

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