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Simple Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

Simple paper plate crafts for kids are one of the best art and activities for kids of all ages. You can make anything you want from a paper plate. 

paper plate craft ideas

My children have loved decorating paper plates from an early age! A toddler can make handprints or footprints on one and use it as a keepsake. My sun and eskimo are examples of a good paper plate craft for 2 year olds. 

Older kids might want to cut plates and stick things onto them. They can create people, places and decorations.

I have ideas for every single season of the year!! Please check out my new Halloween paper plate crafts and a few Christmas ones too. 

Previously I have made lots of animals from paper plates and played pretend zoo with my kids! 

Simple Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

Simple paper plate crafts for kids are hugely popular! It is amazing what you can make from a plain white paper plate! Let me show you

What will you do with your completed craft? Little kids like to play with theirs or give them as gifts to grandparents.

Older kids like to display theirs on the wall or in their bedrooms.

They can be used as house decor or for a party or celebration.

Whatever you choose to do, I know your kids will have lots of fun with the ideas I have shared here.  Can you think of any other simple paper plate craft ideas for kids?

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Do you like these Simple Paper Plate Crafts for Kids?

paper plate crafts for kids

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