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Spooky Tree Crafts for Halloween

My spooky Halloween tree craft is exactly what you need if you are decorating your house for October 31st! Best of all they are easy to make and look fabulous! Keep reading to find out how to make a Halloween tree

halloween tree crafts for kids

There is no better time that Halloween to get started on lots of different crafts! It is the first school holiday of the new term and little kids are looking for things to keep them busy!

I have made lots of new Halloween crafts for kids and this one is a bit different from my other toilet paper roll ideas. 

I have lots of spiders, ghosts, witches, pumpkins, bats and Mummies for you to make but I have not yet done a spooky tree craft!

This would work alongside a haunted house or even just beside some of my other scary looking crafts!

This is one of my featured Halloween Toilet Paper roll crafts! I can guarantee you will love them just as much as this! Find out below how to make a spooky tree out of paper and toilet paper roll!

halloween tree crafts for kids

Spooky Tree Crafts for Halloween

Yield: 1

These spooky tree crafts for Halloween make the perfect toilet paper roll craft for kids!


  • Paper Towel Roll
  • Glue
  • Black Paint
  • Facial tissue - cut into 4 squares
  • Themed Paper cut into leaf shapes
  • Dark colored marker pen
  • Googly Eyes
  • Colored glitter pipe cleaners - each one cut evenly into 4 lengths


  • Scissors
  • Paint Brush


Step 1

Paint the outside of the paper roll with black paint and leave to dry.

Step 2

Paint the inside of the roll about 1/3 of the way down from the top of the roll and leave to dry.

Step 3

Cut the themed paper into leaf shapes. You can get themed paper from most dollar stores and craft shops.

Step 4

Make the ghosts by taking 1/4 tissue square , pinching in the middle and tying the pipe cleaner around the neck of each ghost. Use the black marker to make dots to represent the eyes and mouth of the ghost. You can also use my Kleenex ghost craft method for making this too!

how to make tissue ghosts for tree craft

Step 5

From the top of the paper towel roll cut thin strips in varying lengths for the branches (do not cut lower than the top 1/3 of the roll).

how to make spooky tree craft for halloween

Step 6

Glue one ghost to the end of each branch.

Step 7

Fill the branches in with themed paper leaves

Where will you put your spooky Halloween tree crafts? Will you use them to make a spooky display in your front porch? How about a Halloween centerpiece or even a gift for a friend!

Do you have any other Halloween tree ideas you would like me to make?

After you have decided you might want to try my palm tree craft which has more of a Summer theme to it. I also have a pretty Fall tree craft using a paper plate. Maybe you can bookmark these two ideas for another time!

How about making some creepy looking spiders to set beside your tree? My egg carton spider or pipe cleaner spider would be perfect.

Do you like these Spooky Tree Crafts for Halloween?

Spooky Tree Crafts for Halloween

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