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Paper Plate Gardening Craft with Moving Bee and Butterfly

Now that Spring has sprung it is the best time to do my paper plate gardening craft with moving bee and butterfly! it’s just like a real garden with a buzz of activity!

paper plate summer craft with bee and butterfly

Who says you have to be outdoors to do some gardening? Not me. Let your kids have some gardening fun with this adorable paper plate craft for kids!

This is an easy craft which requires a few common craft supplies. It lets kids make a pretend garden with some grass, flowers, a moving bee and a butterfly. Butterflies are attracted to brightly colored flowers and bees will be in search of pollen!

We attach a popsicle stick to both the bee and butterfly so that children can move them about as if they are flying through the air! Kids love these sorts of activities. 

I love crafts with moving parts because it turns crafting into play for children! My outer space paper plate craft has movable parts and it is a huge hit with my readers! 

This is going down as one of my top gardening crafts for kids

Please watch my video below to see how great the completed craft is. You can find my step by step process with images below.


paper plate summer craft with bee and butterfly

Paper Plate Gardening Craft with Moving Bee and Butterfly

Yield: 1

This Paper Plate Gardening Craft with Moving Bee and Butterfly encourages creativity and pretend play also! Perfect for kids this Summer.


  • 1. Paper plate.
  • 2. Colourful craft papers.
  • 3. Pencil
  • 4. Ruler.
  • 5. Scissors.
  • 6 Glue


Bee Process:

1. Cut out the pieces for the bee using the PDF templates.

paper bee craft process
2. Use marker pens to add black stripes on the bee’s body, and use a grey marker to outline the wings.
3. Then glue the wings on the back of the bee’s body. After this step glue the antennas on the bee’s head.

how to make a paper bee craft

Butterfly process:

1. Cut out the pieces for the butterfly using the PDF template.

paper butterfly craft procedure

2. Glue the spots on the butterfly’s wings.
3. Then, glue the butterfly’s body in the middle of the wings.

how to make a paper butterfly

Flower Process:

1. Use the PDF templates to trace and cut out the pieces for the flower.

2. Glue the leaves with the stem, and then glue the stigma on the middle of the flower.
3. Then glue the flower with the stem.

how to make a paper flower

Paper Plate Process:

1. Take a pair of scissors or an x-acto knife. Make a 3-4 inches slit around the edge of the paper plate.
2. Cut out the sky and grasses for the paper plate using colourful craft paper.

paper plate gardening craft step by step
3. Place the grasses and sky on the paper plate.
4. Now, place the flowers inside the grass.

how to make a paper plate garden with flowers
5. Glue long card stock strips on the back of the bee and butterfly then slide them through the slit on the paper plate. Alternatively you can use popsicle sticks instead of card stock.

summer garden paper plate craft for kids

Can you think of anything else you might want to add to your pretty gardening craft? How about a sunshine in the sky or a wiggly worm in the grass?

This is one of my favorite butterfly crafts for kids because it is interactive!

Before you go please remember to print off your free PDF template to help you complete this paper plate gardening craft for kids

Do you like my Paper Plate Gardening Craft?

Paper Plate Gardening Craft with Moving Bee and Butterfly

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