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Best Pencil Holder Crafts for Kids

It is almost time to return to school after Summer break, and there is no better time to sort your stationary. These pencil holder crafts for kids are the perfect activity for kids this August.

My little girl loves collecting lots of different pencils, gel pens, coloring pencils and basically anything that writes!

pencil holder crafts for children

DIY Pencil Holders – Easy Back to School Crafts

She has a pencil case but it is overflowing and she always complains she has to empty it out to find the color she is looking for!

I decided that we should invest in some new pencil holders for her! Fortunately I found lots of DIY pencil holders that can be personalized to suit her needs!

These make it really easy to see the color of the pens and pencils so that she only has to lift one or two out at a time as opposed to emptying her entire pencil case!

She loves her Ocean themed one and it sits proudly on her desk! Choose from mason jar holders to ones made from popsicle sticks and more!

We have tons of ideas for DIY Pencil holders here and there is even one for Mum and Dad so the whole family can keep their pens tidy!

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Pencil Holder Crafts for Kids

These Pencil Holder Crafts for Kids will keep them entertained while helping them make some cute storage containers for their pens and pencils!

Back to school crafts are great for keeping the kids entertained at the end of Summer and start of September. I have some more ideas for these below!

Back to School Printables – lots of word searches and word scrambles featuring back to school items

Bear Pencil Topper – get your pens and pencils looking great with these cute teddy bear toppers

Do you like these Pencil Holder Crafts for Kids?

Pencil Holder Crafts for Kids

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