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Starfish Crafts for Kids

Every time my kids visit the beach they look for Starfish! We love them so I knew my kids would enjoy some Starfish crafts when they get to make some of their own!

I hope you enjoy all the great Starfish craft ideas I have here. Hopefully they will entertain your kids as much as they did mine!

Easy Starfish Crafts for Children

How to Make Star Fish Crafts

Summer days are meant for trips to the beach. We go there at a few times a week and love exploring all their is to offer from rocks, shells, sand, the waves, seaweed, jellyfish and starfish!

Indeed I have a list of cute ocean crafts for kids already but have saved this post for ones dedicated to Starfish. 

Kids love starfish mainly because of their beautiful shape! I always ask them if they can find anything else a similar shape and they always say you can find stars in the sky at night! 

Starfish Craft Ideas

I have lots of different Starfish craft ideas below suitable for all age groups. People often ask what Starfish craft for toddlers is available and I would recommend the footprint craft below. It can also be completed in a Preschool setting. The fruit loop activity is perfect Starfish craft preschool. 

Starfish Crafts for Kids

A list of cute Starfish crafts for kids this Summer!

Which of these was your favorite? I love these beach themed activities did your children enjoy the most. 

More Starfish Art and Craft Ideas

No matter how many suggestions I provide you can never have enough. Some more ideas can be found here. 

Make a starfish puppet – you can use this for pretend play or a moving beach scene craft. Stick a brightly colored decorated paper starfish shape onto a paper bag or add a popsicle stick onto the back of a felt shaped star fish.

Yarn Star fish Craft – I love my yarn crafts for kids and have previously made yarn flowers so it is no surprise I have gone for string art again! Cut out a starfish shape from cardboard, even a used cereal box and wrap it with brightly colored yarn. You can also decorate with some beads or sequins to give it some texture.

If you like these easy Summer crafts for children you will also enjoy the ones below

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Seashell Wind Chime – why not make a beautiful wind chime craft from your seashells

Octopus Mobile Craft – a hanging mobile craft feature the lovable sea creature

Remember these are just a short list of all the fabulous ideas I have of Summer crafts

Do you like these Starfish Crafts for Kids?

Starfish Crafts for Kids

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