Easy Preschool Crafts

Fun & very easy preschool crafts for kids that you can use to get even the younger kids to be creative! 

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Crafting is an important activity for all ages, the younger you can start it – the better! My little girl started doing crafts when she was 3 years old and now she is almost 5 her crafting skills are actually amazing!

I have noticed so much improvement, even with her drawing and writing. 

There are many, MANY benefits to crafting and there are many skills that crafting helps develop. So start the kids crafting as soon as they are interested.

What Easy Crafts for Preschool You Will Learn on This Page:

Achoo Ghost: This Halloween craft is very simple to make and only used some Kleenx, string and a marker. Great for the small ones to help with the decorating.

Pumpkin Centerpiece: A cute centerpiece for Thanksgiving or any family gathering.

Counting & Color Learning Cups: Get a head start on school and use this craft to teach your little ones their colors and how to count!

Paper Plate Clock: What a fun way to learn to tell time!

Buggy Eggs: Great way to re-use those plastic Easter eggs

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Achoo Ghosts

Forget using Kleenex for a cold, use them to make little spooky ghosts for Halloween.

Supplies: Kleenex, string and a black marker

Click to Learn this Craft

Pumpkin Centerpiece

With a few strips of paper and some glue you can make a beautiful centerpiece to use for a family dinner. This can be used for Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter

Supplies: Orange construction paper, brown construction paper, scissors and glue

Let Us Teach You: Pumpkin Centerpiece 

Counting & Colors Learning Cups

Have the little ones counting to 10 and reciting their colors before they even experience their first day of school!

Supplies: Styrofoam cups, markers, pom poms, popsicle sticks.

Click here to create this and start learning!

Paper Plate Clock

Use our simple and easy crafts for toddlers instructions to make a clock out of a paper plate. 

This is a great way to teach how to tell time!

Let Us Teach You: Paper Plate Clock Crafts

Buggy Eggs

Use up those plastic Easter eggs and make some cute little critters.

Let Us Teach You: Plastic Eggs Crafts for Preschool

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