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10+ Styrofoam Cup Art Projects

I love recycling and Styrofoam cup art projects enable me to turn some old cups into lots of fabulous crafts for kids!

styrofoam cup crafts

You will be pleasantly surprised what you can do with some cups and craft materials!

Just give kids some markers, googly eyes and pipe cleaners and you can make you own monsters! 

Sometimes let them freestyle and do their own thing. This works great for younger kids, especially those in preschool. 

I have Styrofoam cup crafts for every season of the year and lots of these are simple enough for preschool kids. 

I have also included some paper cup crafts here that can also be done with a styrofoam cup!

Styrofoam Cup Art Projects

These Styrofoam cup art projects are great fun for kids of all ages. There are cup crafts for every season of the year!

Keep the environment green by recycling and have some fun too! Please tell me what your favorite was, or maybe you like all of them?!

Hopefully my kids and I will get to make lots more of these in the future and I can share them with you. 

Do you like these Styrofoam Cup Art Projects for Kids?

Styrofoam Cup Art Projects

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