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Spring Flower Craft

March is one of my favorite months because I celebrate my Birthday and it is also a brilliant time to do some Spring Flower craft. 

My kids love learning about different flowers and are always helping their Daddy with gardening. 

flower vase craft for kids

We love picking flowers and putting them in a vase in the kitchen. Fortunately our neighbors grow daffodils on their driveway and we get to pick as many as we like. 

This flower vase craft lets you replicate this! You can make it for any special occasion or just for fun.

My kids always like to make me a card and this flower craft for Mother’s Day is ideal for this purpose. Why not combine it with my Mom Badge craft

flower vase craft for kids

Spring Flower Craft

Yield: 1

This Spring flower craft is perfect for making a Birthday or Mother's Day card for your kids to gift to Mom!


  • • White card, 21 × 29 cm
  • • Black sheet 21 ×15 cm
  • • Origami colored sheets,
  • • 12cm Ribbon
  • • Scissor
  • • Glue Stick


Fold your white sheet in two to make a card. Kids will have no bother doing this


Now from your black sheet, cut out a smaller rectangular frame
than the white card. On the inside of the frame, cut out in the shape of
natural curves.

You can make this as pronounced as you like. This will be a real test of fine motor skills for young kids so maybe you might like to help.

Paste on your white card sheet.

Step 4
Trace out or draw a jar shape on the remaining black card. You can also draw a vase shape if you prefer or even a pot shape.

Cut it out and paste it on the white card. This will be your flower holder.

Step 6   
Draw and cut out flowers on the colored sheet. The colors you use are entirely up to you.

Step 7   
Paste the flowers randomly above the jar.

Step 8   
Cut thin strips from a green-colored sheet, and paste the strip from the top of the jar to the bottom of the flower.

Step 9   
Cut out 12cm of ribbon. Using the glue stick, past the ends of
the ribbon on the edge of your jar. Take only one end and stick the ribbon along the shape of the jar. Now tie the ribbons together to create a bow.

Step 10

Cut out a yellow sheet in the form of a tag. You can make the tag any shape you wish, i.e heart or star. Write your message, and stick on the black jar. Here again the message can be anything you want!

Why not get older kids to add their own personal message to this flower craft

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Do you like this Spring Flower Craft for Kids?

Spring flower craft

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